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  1. 2018 midterms
    Polling Update: Every Day Brings Conflicting Evidence of Midterm TrendsEight days out and counting, Democrats remain on the cusp of a pretty solid midterm win — but it’s close.
  2. How Darrell Issa Could Return to Washington As Indicted Congressman’s SuccessorIssa had been eyeing Hunter’s strongly Republican district from the moment he “retired.” A Hunter resignation or defeat could make it real.
  3. How 3 Races in California Could Cost Democrats Control of the HouseIn key districts, Democratic disarray is threatening to put winnable seats out of reach.
  4. California Republicans Mostly Steer Clear of Trump During His VisitMost of them found something else to do during the president’s visit, though a gubernatorial candidate just missed his flight.
  5. 2018 Democratic Wave Likely to Be a True Tsunami in CaliforniaThe Golden State has been trending Democratic of late. Everything that’s happened in 2018 could accelerate that trend.
  6. Darrell Issa Becomes 30th Republican to Announce RetirementThe Democrats’ chances of taking the House have improved significantly in the last 48 hours.
  7. Blue-State Republican Revolt Over Tax Bill Could Come Back to Haunt GOPThe House tax bill passed easily, but Republicans from three high-tax states voting no could cause problems down the road.
  8. politics
    Democratic Lawmaker Calls Out GOP Congressman for ‘Mansplaining’“Thank goodness we have so many men in Congress to mansplain our naiveté.”
  9. Paul Ryan Scoffs at Prospects of Losing His Gavel in 2018Signs are growing that House Republicans, including some very senior members, could be in trouble next year.
  10. Trumpcare Could Help Build a House Democratic Wave for 2018Whatever else it means, passage of Trumpcare spells trouble for the House Republicans — especially Californians — in tough districts who voted for it.
  11. Rep. Darrell Issa Says Special Prosecutor Should Conduct Trump-Russia ProbeThe California Republican thinks Attorney General Jeff Sessions should recuse himself.
  12. Obamacare’s First Day Was Worse Than Anyone ThoughtOnly six people managed to enroll.
  13. Darrell Issa Hopes to Have Proof of IRS Conspiracy Theory SoonFor now, he’s just calling Jay Carney a “paid liar.”
  14. Expert: Lois Lerner Didn’t Waive Her Right to Plead the FifthThe congressman is wrong, and Lerner’s lawyer is right.”
  15. Eric Holder Let Darrell Issa Know Just How Much He Hates Him TodayShameful.”
  16. Representative Darrell Issa Does Not Look Totally Unlike Jon HammAt least to some people.
  17. Issa to Investigate Unemployment RateIt is not as exact science as it needs to be.”
  18. The Secret Service Scandal Is Not Going Away Anytime SoonJust in case you thought that was a possibility. 
  19. Ex-Goldman and SEC Guy Changed His Name Before Going to Work for the Government Again [Update]The revolving door is lined with money.
  20. Darrell Issa Doesn’t Think the President’s Reelection Campaign Is Entirely Chicago-BasedThe Republican congressman has launched a probe into what he says is overlap between Obama’s political and presidential duties.
  21. ink-stained wretches
    Darrell Issa Now Investigating Own Spokesman [Updated: He’s Gone]Kurt Bardella is accused of being a little too helpful with a Times reporter’s book.
  22. house of cards
    Democrats Give Darrell Issa the Credit of Trying to Take Him DownIs this even necessary?
  23. Congressman Darrell Issa Has an Awesome Method for Firing PeopleAnd he’s done a bunch of other interesting and illicit things.
  24. Howard Kurtz Keeps Hilarious Error to Himself Until New Yorker Calls Him OutHe thought he was interviewing Darrell Issa. He was not.
  25. Health Care Repeal Vote Coming Next WeekWith Issa’s investigations coming shortly thereafter.
  26. The GOP Intend to Take Down ‘One of the Most Corrupt Administrations in Modern Times’The world is laughing at the paper tiger we’ve become.”
  27. New House Oversight Chairman Wants ‘Seven Hearings a Week Times 40 Weeks’White House staff, meet Republican congressman Darrell Issa. He likes subpoenas.
  28. subpoena machine
    Motorcycle-Riding Republican Prepares to Let the Subpoenas FlyHe’s a latter-day Dan Burton.
  29. GOP Infighting Over Fake Census Mailers Is Getting UncomfortableRepublican congressmen say the RNC is intentionally trying to deceive people.