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Artist Dash Snow Dead From Drug Overdose

Multiple sources tell Gawker that hard-living, cop-dodging artist, photographer, and graffiti writer Dash Snow has died from a heroin overdose at 27.

By Lane Brown

Dash Snow's Latest Hot Mess

You may recall reading about Dash Snow and Dan Colen’s infamous “Hamster Nest,” a Dada-esque mass of shredded telephone books “installed” in hotel rooms around the world. Now's your chance to experience it firsthand.

Art Imitating Dash Snow's Life

Dash Snow Portrait
The hype surrounding downtown artist Dash Snow has inspired many reactions, including this portrait of Snow (dug up by Razor Apple) done in a familiar style. Dash Snow Holding a Police Stick was painted by an anonymous artist (who wishes to remain so, per an e-mail exchange) using oil on primed urine-stained stretched canvas, with a collage of an image of baby, various clippings, currency, urine, semen, spit, wax and a Rivington Arms ad. The Dash Snow Portrait Files Chasing Dash Snow [NYM]

Jonathan Ames to Bring Moby, Nudity to Pitkin's for a Rematch

Word comes from performance author Jonathan Ames that his show at Mo Pitkin's tonight will include "nude wrestling, pillow-fights, paddling, chaos, excellent performances, and a likely guest appearance by Moby." Nekkidness, chaos, and Moby the Jesus-fearing vegan, all in one place? Not as strange as you'd think: We heard from a witness that the shaved one once had so much fun at a Stamford, Connecticut, strip club that he convinced the staff to keep the place open for him several hours past closing. When the owners wanted to charge him a couple thousand dollars more for this indulgence than he thought was fair, he not only refused to pay a cent of it but also threatened to call the cops and report a fight outside of the club. "The sad part about this," Moby allegedly told a bouncer, "is that when we wake up tomorrow, I'll still be me and you'll still be you." Even worse: He'll still be the guy who said that. —Daniel Maurer The Jonathan Ames Show [MoPitkins.com]