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  1. Do We Need Assault Weapons to Kill ‘Tyrannical’ Cops and Soldiers?Let’s take a closer look at the sinister argument that we need a heavily armed population in case violent revolution becomes necessary.
  2. No, Sexual Abuse of Minors Isn’t a Plus for Alabama VotersAlabama’s patriarchal culture may provide some cover for sexual predators. But a more likely reason for sympathy for Roy Moore is hatred of the media.
  3. David French: Trump Intimidated My FamilyThe blogger who considered mounting an independent presidential run says a Trump lackey told his wife’s family that the campaign would be “really, really bad for him.”
  4. Blogger David French Won’t Actually Run for President Against TrumpHis hypothetical independent candidacy lasted less than a week.
  5. the national circus
    It’s Time for Hillary Clinton to Do Battle With Donald TrumpWhy the likely Democratic nominee can’t try to remain above the fray anymore. 
  6. Kristol’s Anti-Trump Bid Is Not Like Buckley ’70The flagging right-wing effort to run a “true conservative” against Trump is reaching for a historical precedent.
  7. Desperate Kristol Recruits Blogger Against TrumpHard times for the anti-Trump forces of the right.