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David Lachapelle

  1. music
    Travis Scott Says Amanda Lepore Was Upstaging His Album CoverApparently the model was just too much, even for an imaginary theme park.
  2. gallery
    Surreal Photos of Nicki Minaj and Amy WinehouseThe reclusive David LaChapelle has two new books.
  3. Party Pics: Kiernan Shipka, Joan Smalls, and MoreHighlights from the awards season circuit, Sundance, and haute couture.
  4. first look
    First Look: Get Lost in the Fantasy of Hair320 glorious pages of curls, mohawks, and more.
  5. the pixie club of hollywood
    Pamela Anderson Just Feels Sexier With a Pixie Cut“To have short hair and really show my face is even more revealing than anything.” 
  6. socks socks socks
    See David LaChapelle’s ‘Anti-Commercial’ Happy Socks Video“It’s a statement on not selling out.”
  7. campaign trail
    David LaChapelle Shoots Joyful Nudes in SocksAlso: a video about a dismembered hooker?!
  8. lawsuits
    David LaChapelle Sued by Gallerist for AssaultThe photographer is accused of beating and choking James Parmenter last year.
  9. video look book
    All the Looks From Florence + the Machine’s New ‘Spectrum’ VideoIt’s en pointe.
  10. copyrights
    Scenes From Rihanna’s New Music Video Look Rather Like a Sølve Sundsbø EditorialSee if you can spot the difference.
  11. lawsuits
    Rihanna and David LaChapelle Settled Their LawsuitRihanna allegedly copied LaChapelle’s images in her “S&M” video.
  12. party report
    Purple Magazine Dinner Results in Nudity, Hot-Wax Pouring“It’s ‘Purple,’” shrugged one guest. “People could be dancing on tables naked, and everyone would be like, ‘Meh.’”
  13. basel blog
    Takashi Murakami Scales Back at Art Basel’We knew this was coming for about a year,’ says Murakami.
  14. basel blog
    Terence Koh Dazzles Art Basel Miami With Thrilling Nonperformance’Terence’s art is about nothing. His performance is that he is not playing music.’
  15. model tracker
    Tranny Models Who Made HistoryCan tranny models make it big? We found four who have.
  16. tastemakers
    Photographer Jeremy Kost Would Rather Buy Art Than ClothesJeremy Kost’s claim to fame rests firmly with his Polaroids. He has an upcoming show (with Hedi Slimane) and a book in the works. So we had to dig around his closet.
  17. NewsFeed
    Random Flyer of the Week: David LaChapelle at ButterWe have no idea how photographer David LaChapelle got involved with Butter’s downstairs Wednesday-night party, but color us intrigued. Will he actually be on hand with a crew of drag queens and krump dancers, and will Pam Anderson put in an appearance? Or will it be a bunch of publicists with Fendis asking where the “I’m rich, bitch!” guy is? More on this mystery as it develops.
  18. gossipmonger
    Sarah Silverman to Explore the Joys of BlackfaceSome people allege that Kelly Klein, 50, is too old to have a baby via a surrogate mom, and must have gotten an egg from a donor. A crazy Italian lady made a lunge for Brad Pitt at the Venice Film Festival, and “Page Six” has the video! (Also, Pitt’s two-hour-and-40-minute Assassination of Jesse James is too long.) Sarah Silverman goes blackface in the next season of her show. John Edwards and Russell Simmons did yoga together. Mariah Carey’s ex-manager claims that she owes him money. David LaChappelle hates Madonna, Gwen Stefani, and Christina Aguilera, and won’t work with them. Heather Graham sings and plays guitar in her upcoming movie.
  19. gossipmonger
    Happy Birthday (Again), KanyeKanye West hosted his birthday party at the Louis Vuitton store then got free Vuitton swag. Anne Heche might be back on the ladies. Zach Braff loves New York, he says. The Sopranos cast didn’t know what Sunday night’s finale was going to be, and they went to Miami. Paris Hilton’s father wants to throw her a party in Vegas when she gets out of jail, but several clubs have said no. Owen Wilson left his bike at Scores West. Hugh Hefner wants Daphne Merkin to show his girls a little love. New York socialite Dori Cooperman is at Promises for rehab and trying to cozy up to Lindsay Lohan. At a benefit for the American Institute for Stuttering, Harold Evans wanted to take the Queen Mary for a spin.