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Conan Talks Leno with Letterman

Conan was on Letterman last night for the first time in 13 years and they didn't waste anytime getting into Leno talk, as they assumed he was watching and would want them to cut to the chase. Conan has talked about the time he lost the Tonight [...]

By Jesse David Fox

College Kids of the World, Adam Scott and Nick Offerman Want to Party

Remember when you started college and you didn't really have friends yet so you just walked around looking for parties, hoping some cool dude (with an attitude) would see you and invite you into some idyllic rager, featuring a keg of beer, if [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Seth Meyers Shows How to Best Shake Obama’s Hand Like an Idiot

It must be nerve-racking to meet the President. What if you are walking up to show him your new pen and you slip on the rug and stab him in the knee with it? You would have stabbed the president – that has to be against the rules. It's probably [...]

By Jesse David Fox

David Letterman Will Stick Around on CBS for at Least Two More Years

David Letterman has just signed a new two-year contract with CBS, squashing rumors that he'd be stepping down imminently. And even better news is that his contract doesn't stipulate an end-date, leaving the door open for further contract [...]

By Adam Frucci