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  1. everyday sexism
    This Is What Paula Broadwell Said About Moving on After David Petraeus Affair“I need to fight back for my life.”
  2. Former Clinton Staffer Granted Immunity in Email InvestigationThe FBI is trying to determine whether the presence of highly classified information on Clinton’s server constitutes a crime.
  3. Petraeus Will Plead Guilty for Sharing Classified Information With His MistressHe will plead guilty to “one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material.”
  4. Clinton-Petraeus 2016, Predicts Bill KristolThe Weekly Standard editor cites his “savvy friend.”
  5. David Petraeus’s Friend Sent Him a Fake GrenadeHis office was evacuated.
  6. NYPD Officer Beat Up Anti–David Petraeus ProtesterAnd a bunch of CUNY academics want the former CIA head fired.
  7. David Petraeus Is Getting Bullied at SchoolStudents chased him down the street, screaming in his face and calling him a war criminal. 
  8. David Petraeus Won’t Get Rich Teaching at CUNYHe’s taking a $199,000 pay cut.
  9. David Petraeus Gets Fancy Private-Equity Job That Involves Being David PetraeusNice gig!
  10. Pretty Much Nobody Was Happy With the Benghazi Talking PointsEditing by committee can be frustrating.
  11. Petraeus to Join the Ranks of New York’s Disgraced Political FiguresHe’ll be teaching at CUNY.
  12. Roger Ailes Was Totally Joking About Petraeus Running for PresidentSays the Fox News analyst caught delivering the very sincere message.
  13. Roger Ailes Tried to Draft Petraeus Into Running for PresidentAnd Rupert Murdoch would have bankrolled the operation.
  14. David Petraeus Writes Buddy to Admit He ‘Screwed Up Royally’The apology tour begins.
  15. Friends Worry David Petraeus Has Too Much Time on His HandsHe’s been reduced to hanging around the house.
  16. general disgrace
    Four Generals, Four Scandals, and a Sprawling Rape CaseHow the Petraeus affair helps a general accused of rape.
  17. Do Not Get in the Way of Paula Broadwell’s Car DoorShe hit a photographer today while making her escape.
  18. The Petraeus Scandal Ruined More Than One Political CareerLike most lawmakers, Broadwell had it down to either politician or fitness expert.
  19. Petraeus Testimony on Benghazi Reveals Conspiracy to Catch TerroristsScandalous.
  20. inevitable things
    At Last, Bubba the Love Sponge Enters Petraeus Scandal“Honorary ambassador” Jill Kelley helped during the deep-fried Koran scandal.
  21. Shirtless, Unsexy FBI Agent Really Does Look Like a DummyThe Petraeus scandal’s non-scandalous photo is here.
  22. covert affairs
    Eight Essential Lessons on Co-worker Flirting“He’d send me calendar invites to meet in a conference room to make out.”
  23. pentagon of love
    How Mean Girls Explains the Petraeus ScandalE-mail snooping as “three-way calling attack.”
  24. david petraeus scandal
    On the Other Hand, Porn Star Jill Kelly Is Having a Great WeekPoor spellers boost video sales. 
  25. covert affairs
    FBI Agent’s Shirtless Photo Was Decidedly UnsexyAnd his language skills foiled a bomb plot.
  26. FBI Agent in Petraeus Scandal Says Shirtless Photo Was Just an Inside JokeHe’s been identified as Frederick Humphries.
  27. Petraeus to Testify Before Congress, But Not About the Sexy StuffThat’s the plan, at least.
  28. david petraeus affair
    Petraeus E-mail Buddies Wear Pink Near WindowsPaula Broadwell and Jill Kelley are paparazzi targets now.
  29. General Allen E-Mails to Jill Kelley Either a Little Bit or Very FlirtatiousThe investigation is ongoing.
  30. Broadwell Investigated for Security BreachThough officials said national security wasn’t compromised.
  31. Apparently Jill Kelley’s Sister Dated Charlie CristThat is all.
  32. The Media’s Five Stages of David Petraeus GriefThe general’s relationship with journalists has also been fractured by his affair.
  33. Local News Makes Hilarious Petraeus MistakeHilarious local news gaffe!
  34. Petraeus Scandal Now Involves Top U.S. Commander in Afghanistan [Updated]As well as “a few hundred e-mails” between Gen. John Allen and Jill Kelley.
  35. Broadwell’s Co-Author Is Very Much Not All InHe was just a hired pen on this book, he writes.
  36. Broadwell’s E-Mails Weren’t Very Threatening, FBI Investigated AnywayThanks to an agent who allegedly sent shirtless photos to Jill Kelley.
  37. David Petraeus’s Patriotic Friend Will Help the Nation Through This USA!
  38. celebrotica
    We’ll Always Have Kabul: Petraeus UnboundOur resident romance novelist reimagines the news.
  39. david petraeus affair
    Men Also Enchanted by David PetraeusThe general’s male colleagues were as smitten as the women in his e-mail in-box.
  40. The Petraeus Investigation’s Rogue FBI Agent MysteryWhy did he leak details of the investigation to Eric Cantor?
  41. Did Paula Broadwell Divulge Classified Information?Her source might have been Fox News, not Petraeus.
  42. David Petraeus’s ‘Second Woman’ Has Been Identified The nature of their relationship is still unclear. 
  43. Paula Broadwell Depicted as Ambitious and Inappropriate So far, the world is not being kind to the woman over whom CIA director David Petraeus resigned. 
  44. Connecting the Petraeus Dots: Details of His Affair Emerge RapidlyHomeland has nothing on this.
  45. Did Broadwell’s Husband Write to The Ethicist? A letter published in a July edition of the Times’ Ethicist column describes a situation not unlike the David Petraeus affair. 
  46. Tomorrow’s Post David Petraeus Headline ... Today!The C.I.A. director resigned after having an affair, in case you haven’t heard.
  47. David Petraeus Resigns As CIA Director Over Extramarital Affair [Updated]Wow.
  48. David Petraeus Has No Shortage of Job ProspectsOr he could just stay at the CIA.
  49. David Petraeus Really, Really Doesn’t Want to Be Vice-PresidentThe Drudge Report claims Romney wants him, though.
  50. CIA Will Investigate Its Role in NYPD Intelligence ProgramNew director David Petraeus says they’re looking into it.
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