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  1. Court Overturns Conviction of Former N.Y. Senate Majority Leader Dean SkelosThe appeals court cited a Supreme Court decision that had also recently led judges to vacate the conviction of former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.
  2. Dean Skelos Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison in Corruption CaseHe and his son had been found guilty in December on eight federal counts of bribery, extortion, and conspiracy.
  3. What You Missed in Sheldon Silver and Dean Skelos’s Corruption TrialsThe jury begins deliberating Silver’s fate.
  4. state politics
    Dean Skelos Facing New ChargesThe state senator and his son still say they’re innocent.
  5. Inside Albany’s Nervous BreakdownTwo days left in the legislative session, and a mountain of unfinished business.
  6. Does Albany’s Corruption Crisis Have an Upside? Finally, the citizenry may benefit from the State Capitol’s dysfunction.
  7. Andrew Cuomo: The Last of the Three AmigosSkelos and Silver are out. Will the governor’s playbook work with Albany’s new leaders?
  8. More Albany Fallout: GOP State Senate Leader OutState Senator John Flanagan will replace Dean Skelos as the State Senate’s majority leader.
  9. Dean Skelos ResignsSenator John Flanagan is set to be the new head of Senate Republicans in Albany.
  10. Who Is Preet Bharara’s Confidential Informant No. 1?Dirty water meets dirty politics in Skelos Case.
  11. After Dean Skelos’s Arrest, What’s Next for Albany?The Republican majority leader of the State Senate was the latest politician to fall in U.S. Attorney’s Preet Bharara’s capitol purge. 
  12. Dean Skelos and Son Taken Into Custody for Federal Corruption ChargesThe charges include conspiracy, extortion, and bribery.
  13. How Far Will Preet Bharara Go in His War on Albany?First Sheldon Silver, now Dean Skelos. Who’s next?
  14. Report: New York Senate Leader Dean Skelos Is Under Federal InvestigationMore from the office that just took down former State Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver.
  15. Alec Baldwin Is Beefing With a Republican State Senator Over Tax PolicyMaybe he’ll try for state assembly instead of mayor.
  16. Marriage Equality Act Passed by State Senate 33–29The tension is finally over.
  17. Skelos: Deal in Place on All Outstanding Issues But Marriage Equality, No Vote GuaranteedHe said he expects the session to end tomorrow.
  18. Marriage-Equality Bill Stalls in the Face of Rent Regulation and Property Tax NegotiationsWe’re hearing that Wednesday is the day Cuomo’s people are looking to for a vote on marriage equality.
  19. Daily News: Marriage-Equality Vote Not Until Weekend or LaterAnd the debate drags on.
  20. Republican State Senators Insist on Unspecified Changes to Marriage-Equality Bill Before Allowing VoteThe bill, which includes extensive protections for religious groups, does not go far enough they say.
  21. Senate Republicans Still Haven’t Decided Whether to Let Marriage Equality Come to a VoteBecause now that it might actually pass, why risk it?
  22. Cuomo Presses Advantage With Same-Sex Marriage UndecidedsYour move, Dean Skelos.
  23. Cuomo, Skelos, and Silver Reach Ethics DealOne goal down, two to go.
  24. Dean Skelos Might Not Allow a Vote on Gay Marriage After AllThe state Senate majority leader will have to run it by his caucus first.
  25. Legislature Gives Itself Extra Vacation for a Job Satisfactorily DoneThis is what happens when you’re dealing with a low bar.
  26. Cuomo, Legislature Reach New York Budget DealExtra-credit points for meeting the deadline, for once.
  27. Malcolm Smith Would Fight Dean Skelos — If It Helped ChildrenUnfortunately, Dean Skelos is a coward.
  28. Judge Blocks Paterson’s Lt. Governor AppointeeDick Ravitch won’t be able to take office quite yet.
  29. Espada: I’m Coming Home to DemocratsUnwilling to let David Paterson appear to solve the State Senate stalemate, rebel Democrat Pedro Espada says he’s returning to the fold and solving the problem that he started.
  30. Answering Your Questions About the Chaos in AlbanyEverything you need to know about why nothing is getting done in our State Senate.
  31. That Light Was a Train After AllTalks of a deal in Albany were premature, after all.
  32. More Madness in Albany: Democrats Lock Themselves in State Senate Chamber [Updated]And Pedro Espada is sneaking the press in to watch!
  33. Morning Hearing Granted to Sort Out Albany MessAdults are, finally, officially involved.
  34. Senate Showdown Disappointingly DiffusedA confrontation over entering the locked Senate Chamber fizzled when Queens State Senator Hiram Monserrate began to wimp out.
  35. Paterson on Senate Snafu: ‘This Is Getting a Little Ridiculous’The governor railed against both parties for not “acting like adults.”
  36. Does Gay Marriage Still Have a Shot?Sort of!
  37. Chris Smith: What Will the City Get Out of the Albany Shake-up?That’s what we need to be asking ourselves.
  38. Albany Coup Reactions: What Just Happened?Today’s papers sound off on yesterday’s shocking overthrow.
  39. Gershman: If Dems Have an Ace, They’d Better Play It FastOur man in Albany provides news analysis of yesterday’s tumultuous events.
  40. GOP Takes Over State SenateIn a surprise move, the Republicans won two Democrats over to their side, and swung control of the body back their way.
  41. Screwing the State Is Fun and Hilarious!Dean Skelos, David Paterson, and Sheldon Silver laughed it up in Albany yesterday.
  42. State GOP Tries to Outmaneuver PatersonSenate Majority Leader Dean Skelos tries to kill Paterson’s budget cuts with an early vote, leaving the governor scrambling.
  43. Paterson’s Weekend: Bad For Budget, Good for VelazquezAs State Senate Republicans hold up budget talks, Paterson gives an indication of who might replace Hillary Clinton if she is appointed Secretary of State.
  44. Chris Smith on Hillary, Paterson, and Who’s NextIf Clinton does indeed take the secretary of State post, what happens here in New York State?
  45. David Paterson Facing a World of Trouble Over Budget CutsFaced with opposition and a stubborn refusal on the part of the Legislature to provide budget-cut ideas, Paterson leaps into the void, alone.
  46. Paterson Makes Dracula Joke, Legislators Go for the JugularRepublican legislators are up in arms over a comment made by the lovable gov.
  47. Paterson Takes Aim at Medicaid in His Proposed $1 Billion Spending CutsPublic-school funding is safe so far, according to Paterson, but big cuts in discretionary funding, local government aid, and health care are on the horizon.
  48. Paterson Swats Down Silver’s Tax-Hike HopesThe assembly speaker is once again aiming for a “millionaire’s tax,” which the governor dismisses — arguing that taxes are “addictive.”
  49. Unsurprising Development of the Day No. 1 — Joe Bruno Quit After FBI Stepped Up ProbeHis replacement, Nassau County’s Dean Skelos, was voted in today. But we also learn of the behind-closed-doors negotiations that went into his decision to depart.