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Death And Taxes

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    Shakira’s Hips Don’t Lie, But Her Accountants MightThe singer was charged with $16 million tax evasion in Spain.
  2. Powerball Jackpot Will Now Surpass $1 BilllionThese ridiculously large lottery prizes are likely to become commonplace, but at what cost?
  3. Obama to Propose Tax Hike on Wealthiest AmericansAnother State of the Union spoiler. 
  4. Excuses for Filing Taxes at Last Possible MinuteStanding at the 24-hour James Farley post office from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.
  5. death and taxes
    16 Women on How They’re Dealing With DebtIn honor of (or in spite of) tax day.
  6. Mitt Romney Accidentally Makes Case Against Anti-Tax AbsolutismHe would have taken that 10-1 deal!
  7. GOP Lawmakers Acknowledge Need for Higher Tax Revenues Quick, someone cover Grover Norquist’s ears!
  8. Anti-Tax Absolutist Grover Norquist Calls George H. W. Bush a LiarOn ABC, not to his face.
  9. Every Single Media Outlet Is Misreporting Obama’s Tax ProposalObama wants to cut everyone’s taxes on their first $250,000 of taxable income.
  10. Debt-Ceiling Showdown Part II Is ComingStarring House Speaker John Boehner.
  11. Romney Oversaw Marriott’s Use of Controversial ‘Son of Boss’ Tax ShelterThe tax shelter was ruled illegitimate.
  12. Obama to Propose Slashing Corporate Tax Rate to 28 PercentThe Treasury Department wants to squash loopholes in the tax code.
  13. Rick Santorum Releases Four Years of Tax ReturnsThe Santorums’ income peaked at $1.1 million in 2009.
  14. Romney Paid 13.9 Percent Tax Rate on $21.6 Million Income in 2010Romney also gave quite a bit to charity.
  15. All the Candidates’ Tax ReturnsEach candidate comments on those elusive returns.
  16. Mitt Romney Pays the Same Tax Rate As a Child JanitorThis is why he didn’t want to release his tax returns.
  17. Nine of Ten Most Taxed U.S. Neighborhoods Are in NYC Metro AreaThe IRS loves this city.
  18. For Ken Lay, Death Might Have Been Certain, But Taxes Weren’tHe rolled over in his grave today and beat the IRS in court.
  19. Joe Biden: ‘Life Is a Matter of Really Tough Choices’He’ll go after tax breaks for the wealthy again later in life.
  20. President Obama to Finally Get Credit for Cutting TaxesThe House passes his tax-cut package last night, and he’ll sign it into law today.
  21. George W. Bush Wishes the Bush Tax Cuts Were Called Something ElseThere’d probably be less angst.”
  22. Tax-Cut Package Moves Forward in the SenateIt should be passed in the Senate tomorrow.
  23. America Backs Tax Package, Though the Stuff Inside It, Not So MuchOnly 11 percent approve of all four of its main components.
  24. What Happens If the Tax-Cut Deal Falls Apart?A look at the political fallout of a failed compromise.
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    Heilemann: Why the Tax Fight Is Obama’s Pivotal MomentCongressional Democrats balking at the President’s tax bargain should shut up — but Obama will need to tell them so with much more charm than he did yesterday.
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    Obama’s Tax Deal Wins the MiddleIn Congress and across America, moderates like the tax-cut deal.
  27. Obama Has Had It Up to Here With Pretty Much EverybodyObama scolds Republicans and Democrats for failing to be as pragmatic as he is.
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    This Is the President Obama Everyone Should Get Used ToWhy Obama’s compromise with the GOP on the Bush tax cuts should be no surprise.
  29. Congress May Finally Be Getting Somewhere on Tax CutsRepublicans could get their way and extend the cuts for all income levels.
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    Tax Cuts for Non-Super-Rich Blocked by Senate Republicans“There are no signs that millionaires are suffering in this economy. It’s everybody below that.”
  31. Who Is J.C. Owsley, Mystery Taxpayer?He, or someone with a similar name, was one of the top earners of 1941.
  32. Congressional Dems to Obama: No DealOn extending the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy, at least.
  33. Obama Continues to Negotiate With Himself on Bush Tax CutsHe … doesn’t know how to haggle.
  34. Obama Caved on the Bush Tax Cuts Last Week, Not YesterdayYeah, but it wasn’t last night.
  35. Park51 Faces Questions Over Reportedly Unpaid TaxesDoes Sharif El-Gamal owe $224,000?
  36. The Chillest Traders Don’t Even Know What the IRS IsMeet Marcos Bofill.
  37. Bloomberg Considering a Trash TaxIf you throw out too much stuff, you may have to pay for it soon.
  38. Women Who Spend All Day Sitting Could Die YoungerAh! Bad news for bloggers.
  39. Facebook’s Latest Dilemma: The Active Pages of the DeceasedWhat should the company do with the increasing number of left-behind profiles?
  40. State Lawmakers Trot Out Their Worst Slippery-Slope Arguments Against Soda TaxThere are good arguments to be made against a soda tax, but these aren’t them.
  41. Taxes Spur Rush Limbaugh to Cut Ties With New York, the City He Hated AlreadyWill a flood of other wealthy New Yorkers follow him? Probably not.