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Death Panels

  1. Betsy McCaughey Has an End-of-Life ProblemThat’s ironic.
  2. GOP Could Force Vote on White House End-of-Life-Counseling RuleNo more secrets!
  3. Can the Democrats Get Ahead of the ‘Death Panel’ Myth This Time Around?Probably not.
  4. Republicans Pick Elderly-Killing Birther for Obama Speech RebuttalRepresentative Boustany sponsored the death panels his party has been fearmongering about.
  5. Eleven-Year-Old at Long Island Town Hall: ‘Will the Government Pull the Plug on My Grandma?’Also overheard at Representative Tom Bishop’s public health-care meeting: “We don’t give a s–t about Ted Kennedy!”
  6. Americans Are Living Longer Than Ever78 years! Not bad.
  7. Giuliani Warns That Death Panels Might Be InevitableBoo!
  8. Sarah Palin Defeats Death Panels She InventedThis has got to be a victory for someone.
  9. Sarah Palin Losing Republican SupportAt least according to this one poll!
  10. White House Claims ‘Death Panels’ Don’t Exist!Their new website is devoted to debunking health-care-reform rumors.
  11. Sarah Palin’s Prediction of Bleak Health-Care Dystopia Widely MockedBut what if her claims of Obama’s “death panels” are true?