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  1. supreme court
    Muslim Man Executed After Supreme Court Denies Plea to Have Imam PresentOn Thursday, the Supreme Court denied Domineque Ray’s request to have an imam present during lethal injection. He was put to death shortly thereafter.
  2. death penalty
    Texas’s Death-Penalty System Is a Travesty. Joseph Garcia Is Proof.The death penalty in America is marked by its racism and ineptitude. In Texas on Tuesday, a man will be killed in one of its more absurd applications.
  3. death penalty
    Tennessee Man Is First U.S. Inmate Killed By Electric Chair in Five YearsEdmund Zagorski chose to die in the electric chair to avoid the pain of lethal injection.
  4. death penalty
    Washington Supreme Court Declares State Too Racist to Kill People“The death penalty, as administered in our state, fails to serve any legitimate penological goal.”
  5. California Democrats Endorse de León Over FeinsteinFeinstein remains the favorite, but the party endorsement keeps de León alive, with the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings taking on a new dimension.
  6. Trump Opioids Plan to Include Good Ideas — Also, Executing Drug DealersThe president’s long-awaited plan (reportedly) includes evidence-based reforms — and the death penalty for drug dealers.
  7. Trump Administration Looking into Death Penalty for Drug DealersThey even got a PowerPoint from Singapore.
  8. Trump’s Latest Idea for Solving the Opioid Crisis Is Executing Drug DealersAfter advocating for the idea in private, Trump is going public with the maniacal plan.
  9. Florida Executes Murderer With Drug Never Before Used in Lethal InjectionsConvicted killer Mark James Asay lost his last appeal, and was executed on Thursday night.
  10. Gorsuch’s Arrival at SCOTUS Lethal for Arkansas Death-Row InmatesThe new Justice was the deciding vote that allowed Arkansas’s breakneck schedule of lethal injections to proceed.
  11. Federal Judge Blocks Arkansas’s Execution SpreeThe state will appeal the ruling, but may not be able to get its controversial execution schedule back on track.
  12. Drug Companies Join Effort to Stop Arkansas Execution SpreeThe companies say the state broke rules to obtain the drugs, which are not supposed to be used in executions.
  13. Arkansas to Execute 7 Men in 11 Days As Lethal Drug Nears ExpirationThe inmates have sued, calling the rapid pace of executions reckless and unconstitutional.
  14. Charleston Gunman Dylann Roof Is Sentenced to DeathThe jury reached a verdict in about three hours.
  15. mental illness
    Pakistan Is Going to Execute a Schizophrenic ManIt would be nice to say that the American justice system would never do something like this. It would also be false.
  16. After Prior Failure, GOP Tries Attacking Tim Kaine on Death Penalty AgainIt backfired when his gubernatorial opponent trotted it out a decade ago.
  17. Death Sentences Are Slowly Vanishing From the U.S. Only six states executed prisoners in 2015.
  18. Oklahoma Reportedly Used Wrong Drug in ExecutionIt took Charles Warner 18 minutes to die. 
  19. Oklahoma Attorney General Asks to Stay All Executions After Glossip Drug Mix-upHe wants to investigate why two lethal-injection drugs were swapped.
  20. capital punishment
    Richard Glossip Granted Stay of Execution, But Not Because He May Be InnocentThere are questions about the legality of Oklahoma’s lethal-injection drugs.
  21. Is Oklahoma About to Execute an Innocent Man?Richard Glossip didn’t kill his boss, and the case against him relies on the testimony of the man who did.
  22. Connecticut Supreme Court Says 11 Inmates on Death Row Can’t Be ExecutedThe state banned the death penalty in 2012. 
  23. the law
    SCOTUS: Death-Row Inmates Must Pick Their PoisonIn an explosive 5-to-4 ruling, the Supreme Court upholds Oklahoma’s lethal-injection protocol. And Breyer invites a constitutional challenge to the death penalty.
  24. Supreme Court Upholds Use of Execution DrugThe decision was 5–4.
  25. Will Republicans Follow Nebraska and Give Up the Death Penalty?Nebraska just became the first red state in 40 years to ban capital punishment, a sign that conservative rationale against the practice may be taking hold.
  26. Nebraska Lawmakers Vote to End Death PenaltyIt’s the first conservative state to do so since 1973. 
  27. death penalty
    My Views on Tsarnaev and the Death Penalty Are Irrational, But So Are YoursThe difficulties of arguing from the gut.
  28. Testimony Hints Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Feels RemorseAn anti-death-penalty advocate and nun testified that Tsarnaev told her the Boston Marathon bombing victims did not deserve “to suffer like they did.”
  29. Expert Witness Isn’t Expert at Internet ResearchThe Supreme Court gets ready to debate lethal injection. 
  30. religion
    Will a Catholic City Put Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to Death?The sentencing phase of the trial highlights the changing relationship between American Catholics and the death penalty.
  31. Richard Family Opposes Death Penalty for BomberWe know that the government has its reasons for seeking the death penalty, but the continued pursuit of that punishment could bring years of appeals and prolong reliving the most painful day of our lives.”
  32. Firing Squads Now Legal in UtahOther state legislatures are now eager to debate the issue, too.
  33. Utah Representative Scared of Grandma’s Opinions on the Death PenaltyShe scared me. I’m glad she’s not my grandmother.” 
  34. Supreme Court Delays 3 Executions in OklahomaAs the court weighs the use of the controversial drug midazolam.
  35. Executed Oklahoma Man Said Drugs Felt Like His Body Was ‘On Fire’In the state’s first execution after a horrendously botched one in April.
  36. Oklahoma Resumes Lethal Injections After LockettCharles F. Warner is supposed to be executed Thursday night.
  37. Aurora Shooter’s Parents Plead for His Life: ‘He Is Not a Monster’They say letting the case go to trial would only cause “additional trauma.”
  38. Drug in Botched Oklahoma Execution Felt Like ‘Liquid Fire’According to doctors.
  39. Utah Wants the Right to Shoot You to DeathWhich, actually, may be a tad more humane than lethal injection.
  40. Pope Francis Shades U.S. Over Prisons, TortureA sentence of life is a hidden death penalty,” he said.
  41. Oklahoma Promises to Stop Botching ExecutionsOr maybe we just won’t be around to see it happen.
  42. After 30 Years in Prison, DNA Clears Brothers Convicted of Rape and MurderAnd points to a man they befriended in jail.
  43. Arizona Execution Lasts 2 Hours, Inmate Was Reportedly ‘Gasping and Snorting’ Though state officials insist he was just snoring.
  44. Inmates Put to Death for First Time Since Botched Execution [Updated]In Georgia and Missouri.
  45. Two Death-Row Inmates Are Scheduled for Execution This WeekThe first since Clayton Lockett’s botched lethal injection.
  46. Tennessee Brings Back the Electric ChairIn case lethal injections become unavailable.
  47. Supreme Court Puts Missouri Execution on Hold IndefinitelyThe issue will be decided by a lower court.
  48. Missouri Inmate’s Execution Halted by Supreme Court Justice at Final HourOver a rare condition that may cause undue suffering.
  49. cruel and unusual punishment
    Panel Calls for One-Drug Lethal InjectionsUnlike the three used in last week’s botched execution.
  50. Botched Death Shows Problems of Lethal InjectionThe botched death of an Oklahoma inmate reveals our failed attempt to make capital punishment less abhorrent.
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