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McCain’s Five Oldest Debate Moments

McCain didn't help himself last night by repeatedly doing and saying things that, frankly, made him seem even older than he already appears.

By Dan Amira

Matthew Yglesias and Garrett M. Graff on the Election’s Generational Divide

Think Progress blogger Matthew Yglesias and Garrett M. Graff, author of 'The First Campaign' and editor at large for the 'Washingtonian,' discuss the generational split among voters, how our economy might be transformed for the better, and why, in the election, technology and innovation is the elephant in the room.

McCain Calls Obama ‘That One’: Why?

McCain calling Obama “that one” is being dissected by political observers, who, in a testament to the moment’s weirdness, haven’t come close to a consensus on its meaning.

By Dan Amira

Get Your Debate On

Here's a list of places to watch the debate tonight.

By Mike Vilensky

Where Do We Watch the Debate?

Now that John McCain has deigned to appear at the debates tonight, we turn our attention to a different matter.

By Jessica Pressler

CNN: McCain Will Debate

The Arizona senator is preparing to leave for Mississippi right now, according to reports.

By Chris Rovzar