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Debt Ceiling Hostage Crisis

  1. In Staggering Triumph, Debt Ceiling IncreasedU-S-A! U-S-A!
  2. House Republican Debt Ceiling Hostage UpdateIt’s getting sad.
  3. Baffler Writer Baffled by Distinction Between Means and EndsAn objection from an authentic voice of the people.
  4. Will Debt-Ceiling Extortion Ever Return?Our Photoshop artists would really like to know.
  5. Stop Fretting: The Debt-Ceiling Crisis Is Over! [Updated]Take down the yellow ribbons.
  6. Boehner’s New Demand: Rob Congressional Staff [Updated]He’s possibly willing to negotiate it down to a provision for regular staff floggings.
  7. Today’s Update: John Boehner to Decide Whether to Blow Up World NowRelax. The chances of worldwide calamity are under 50 percent.
  8. Senators Near Deal on GOP SurrenderLurching toward sanity.
  9. Are Democrats Demanding Their Own Ransom Now?Hear me out: This may all be deliberate spin.
  10. Paul Ryan’s Ridiculously Unfair DealAmerica’s snake-oil salesman is back.
  11. House Republicans’ Ransom Demands FallingA million dollars in unmarked bills? No? How about half a million in marked bills?
  12. John Boehner Too Embarrassed to Defend His Own Extortion DemandsA tellingly hasty press conference.
  13. Obama Has a Shutdown Message Problem — Here’s How to Fix ItOnce again, a gaffe comes along to save him.
  14. Ross Douthat: Debt-Ceiling Extortion Isn’t So Bad, ReallyThe best argument for extortion is still a terrible argument.
  15. How Republicans Failed to Understand the Democrats’ Debt-Ceiling LogicHow the GOP blundered into the crisis.
  16. Let Me Explain How Extortion Works, RepublicansA goonish party is surprisingly unfamiliar with our country’s rich genre of mafia films and shows.
  17. Why the Shutdown Is Leading to Debt DefaultJohn Boehner is looking more like Fargo’s Jerry Lundegaard every day.
  18. How to Depose John BoehnerA centrist coup to save America.
  19. the national interest
    The House GOP’s Legislative StrikeHell no, they won’t go.
  20. Ted Cruz Now Ruining John Boehner’s Life, TooBoehner admirably avoiding public tears.
  21. House GOP Does House GOP-est Thing EverComically extreme ransom note not comically extreme enough.
  22. The Debt-Ceiling Showdown Is the Fight of Obama’s LifeIt’s kind of a big deal.
  23. Republican Ransom Demand: Implement Romney PlanAs a compromise, Obama will not be deported to Kenya.
  24. Why Obama Can’t Pay a Debt-Ceiling Ransom This TimeMore than Obamacare is at stake.
  25. The House Shutdown Plan Is Not a PlanBoehner’s already getting desperate.
  26. Republican Debt-Ceiling Extortionists: We Are Not ExtortionistsYes, you are.
  27. Obama, Republicans, and the Crisis of LegitimacyThe real cause of the Obamacare shutdown calamity.
  28. Boehner to Obama: Can I Please Take You Hostage?You may not want to be a hostage, but I need the money bad.
  29. House Republican Anarchy UpdateHuman sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria — another day in John Boehner’s House.
  30. Washington Heads to the Fiscal BrinkSo be it, “Jedi.”
  31. the national interest
    The Case for Freaking Out Over Congress“Freaking out” may be too strong. “Concern”?
  32. Autumn in Washington: There Will Be BloodThe retreat from the brink looks temporary.
  33. Republican ‘Evil Genius’ Departs, Washington Actually Now Even More DangerousYes, things have gotten very bad.
  34. The GOP’s Missing Internal DebateAs chaos looms, an eerie silence among conservative intellectuals.
  35. Today in ‘John Boehner’s Life Is a Living Hell’Why does he need this crap?
  36. John Boehner’s Coming SharknadoIt’s ‘Sharknado’ meets ‘House of Cards’ meets ‘Austin Powers.’
  37. House Republicans Plot Debt-Ceiling StrategeryWhat if we demand Obama resign!? No? What if we demand he change his name to “Reagan”?
  38. Debt Ceiling Hostage Crisis Over!Ben Affleck’s intervention not even required.
  39. GOP Ponders Alternative to Hostage ShootingIt has to involve some kind of threat, right? I mean, we can’t just negotiate like a regular political party.
  40. Math Victimizes Journal Editorial Page AgainMath: man’s oldest enemy.
  41. Bush Speechwriter Michael Gerson Exposes Obama’s Sinister Being-Reasonable PloyThe mental agony of the moderate Republican, continued.
  42. Obama Dares GOP to Kill the HostageA crisis delayed for two years finally looms.
  43. Treasury Dismisses Trillion-Dollar Platinum Coin SolutionThe party’s over.
  44. Hostage Taking Not Like Regular NegotiatingA moral primer for Republicans.
  45. IOUs vs. Platinum Coin: Pick Your Hostage RescueA newer, way less fun plan to save the world economy from House Republicans.