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Debt Crisis

  1. Trump Vows to Perpetuate a Health Crisis Affecting Millions of U.S. CitizensTrump promises not to let Democrats “bail out Puerto Rico with your tax dollars.” (Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens who supply “tax dollars.”)
  2. Puerto Rico Defaults on Constitutionally Guaranteed DebtThe default comes one day after Obama signed a bill that will allow the island to restructure its debt.
  3. Bernie Sanders Calls on Democrats to Kill the Puerto Rico Debt DealThe socialist senator objects to the bill’s pseudo-colonial Oversight Board. But Puerto Rico can’t afford to let the democratically legitimate become the enemy of the good.
  4. The White House and Paul Ryan Agreed to a Deal on the Puerto Rican Debt CrisisThe House Speaker and the Treasury Department have reached a deal on Puerto Rican debt. But its fate in Congress remains uncertain.
  5. Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis: What You Need to KnowThe crisis has children suffering, bondholders sweating, Paul Ryan beating back a mutiny, and Democrats feeling good about their chances in Florida this November.
  6. With Supercommittee Failing, Another Debt Showdown LoomsTalks may collapse as early as tomorrow.
  7. Americans Remain Traumatized by the Debt-Ceiling CrisisAll that bickering wasn’t very confidence-inspiring.
  8. Apple to Solve All the World’s Financial ProblemsAnd all thanks to the glorious iPhone.
  9. House Passes Debt-Ceiling Deal 269-161 [Update]One Satan sandwich and a very, very strong cocktail, please.
  10. John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Finally, a Debt DealDid Obama cave?
  11. Obama, GOP Leaders Reach Debt-Ceiling Deal [Update]Mr. President didn’t look too happy about it.
  12. Meet Mitch McConnell, Newest Star of the Debt CrisisIs this his moment?
  13. Congress and White House Think Debt Deal Is NearWe had a very good day yesterday.”
  14. Obama Has Been Waiting All Week to Use This LineThe rest of us have been waiting all week for … something else.
  15. Company Town: Frank Rich and Adam Moss on Dysfunctional D.C.A D.C. native and a frequent visitor discuss the charms and follies of our nation’s capital.
  16. Debt Crisis Frightening Enough That People Are Actually Taking the Phrase ‘Call Your Congressman’ SeriouslyDemocracy in action leads to busy signals.
  17. GOP Scared of Opinion Backlash If U.S. DefaultsSo we trawled through poll data to figure out what the American people really think of the debt-ceiling debacle.
  18. Boehner: Oops, I May Have Spoken Too SoonSays there may have to be a short-term deal to give Congress more time.
  19. Boehner Doubles Down on Debt Ceiling TalksSays he wants framework for a deal by tomorrow.
  20. Wall Street Plans Ahead for Washington’s ScrewupsHow’s it feel now, D.C.?