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Debt Deal

  1. The Deficit-Reduction Committee Isn’t WorkingThe group of congressional leaders is expected to admit failure tomorrow.
  2. Republicans Offer Yet Another Terrible Debt DealBut this “super-committee” proposal hints at a different power dynamic from the debt-ceiling fight in August.
  3. Watch Warren Buffett Describe the Debt Talks As a Giant Game of Chicken Played by Insane PeopleBoehner didn’t throw out the steering wheel, but a group behind him said ‘Throw out the steering wheel, Mr. Speaker.’”
  4. Health Concerns
    Food Safety Appears to Be the First Casualty of the Debt DealThe debt deal reached last week will limit the FDA’s enforcement and inspection abilities.
  5. Frank Rich on Martin Bashir: The Next President Will Have Had Nothing to Do With the ‘Nightmare’ Debt DealSo, Mitt Romney?
  6. How Much, Exactly, Did the Tea Party ‘Compromise’?We’re going to keep writing about the debt deal. Sorry.
  7. John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Finally, a Debt DealDid Obama cave?
  8. John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Will Debt Votes Hurt Dems?Possibly, if they have to vote to raise the debt limit three times in the next year.
  9. Fifth Day of Debt Talks Ends With No DealHarry Reid and Mitch McConnell are now speaking in private.
  10. John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Debt Talks Get TenseThe panel discusses last night’s he-said-he-said.
  11. Debt Meeting Ends With Obama ‘Abruptly Walking Out,’ According to ‘Continuously Interruptive’ Eric Cantor [Updated]Things went well.
  12. Obama’s Proposed Deficit-Reduction Plan Could Take More Than $1 Billion a Year From New York’s Teaching HospitalsAnd some of our biggest ones are already operating on the edge.
  13. Joe Biden Says What We’re All Thinking About Debt TalksThe veep wants real talk.
  14. Debt Talks to Resume MondayAmerica is not a banana republic.”
  15. Boehner Drops White House Debt TalksPushing for smaller $2 trillion deficit-reduction plan.
  16. Will Pelosi Be Central to a Debt Deal?Boehner might want to start researching chocolatiers.