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    Steven Spielberg Finds New Cool Idea: a Leonard Bernstein MovieThe director reportedly held a secret table read of a biopic about the composer.
  2. science of us
    Anxiety Makes It Harder to Listen to Your IntuitionSomething new to worry about.
  3. This Study Got People to Make Huge Life Decisions by Flipping a CoinAnd those who made the big change were happier for it.
  4. People Who Make Confident, Quick Decisions Are Often Making Bad DecisionsYou hem and haw and hem again to your heart’s content.
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    Birchbox Has Succeeded Because Lots of People Really Hate Making ChoicesAnd other subscription boxes, for that matter. 
  6. Knowing How You Decide Is As Important As the DecisionAllow us to help with a short quiz. 
  7. superforecasters
    How to Predict the FutureA new book shares the secrets of “superforecasters.”
  8. Why SCOTUS Believes Same-Sex Marriage Is a RightGay couples hailing from red states asked “for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”
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    Chief Justice Roberts Saves Obamacare a Second TimeIn a 6-3 decision, he led the court in upholding subsidies in the health-care law.