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  1. vision 2020
    Which Democratic Presidential Candidates Have Qualified for the First Debates?Thirteen candidates have already made the cut, thanks to their standing in the polls or grassroots fundraising.
  2. 2020 presidential election
    First 2020 Democratic Debate Will Be Two-Day, 20-Candidate Free-for-AllDemocrats won’t have a “kiddie table” debate or any other means of winnowing their enormous field.
  3. 2020 presidential election
    There’s a New, Improved Iowa Democratic CaucusThe new rules make it possible to participate by a “virtual caucus” and require an actual straw poll of all caucus participants.
  4. 2020 presidential election
    Is Chaotic 2020 the Right Time for Democrats to Neuter Superdelegates?It makes sense to let voters rather than superdelegates control presidential nominations. But 2020 could be the exception that proves the rule.
  5. democratic party
    Democrats Vote to Strip Power From Superdelegates, Reform CaucusesFollowing the contentious 2016 primaries, the DNC embraced the biggest reforms to its presidential nomination process since the 1980s.
  6. keith ellison
    Franken Resignation Casts Long Shadow on Keith EllisonDemocrats, especially in Minnesota, don’t want Ellison to suffer Franken’s fate, but also don’t want a double standard.
  7. DNC Sues Russia and Trump Aides for Conspiring to Hack Its EmailsThe DNC is seeking millions in damages — but its primary aim may be to create a new source of legal and political jeopardy for Trump’s team.
  8. Russian Hacker: I Have Proof the Kremlin Ordered DNC AttackA jailed Russian says he left behind a data file showing he hacked the DNC.
  9. Sanders-Clinton Commission Agrees on Changes to Make the Primaries More OpenIt’s just one step toward unity, but fewer superdelegates, more oversight of the DNC, and less convoluted Iowa caucuses could help.
  10. Elizabeth Warren Agrees That the Democratic Primary Was ‘Rigged’The senator, who backed Clinton, said the DNC needs to restore confidence that the next nominee is “the candidate chosen by the people.”
  11. Clinton Campaign, DNC Helped Pay for the Steele DossierIt’s fodder for Trump’s claim that the Democrats invented the Russia scandal.
  12. Sanders to Run in Vermont As an Independent (for the 16th Time)Some see another Sanders indie reelection run as a signal of his presidential intentions for 2020. Could just be inertia.
  13. Suit Against DNC Dropped, Mostly Because DNC Can’t Rig Much of AnythingAnger among Sanders supporters about 2016 has intensified after a suit against the DNC was dismissed. But now, as then, the DNC’s not the problem.
  14. It’s Too Early for Democrats to Freak Out Over FundraisingWhile the DNC is struggling to keep up with the RNC in fundraising, other sources of campaign financing are more balanced, and it’s very early yet.
  15. In the DNC Race, the Democratic Establishment Seems to Have Preempted the LeftIt’s the same strategy the GOP used with the tea party.
  16. Tom Perez Edges Keith Ellison for DNC ChairThe Establishment candidate narrowly defeated the insurgent favorite of Sanders campaign veterans, then began to immediately seek party unity.
  17. Tom Perez Gains Ground in Race for DNC ChairSouth Carolina Democratic Party chair Jaime Harrison has dropped out and endorsed the former Labor secretary.
  18. Democrats Try to Transcend Divisive Symbolism in DNC RaceMedia and activists alike are trying to turn a close DNC contest into a surrogate battle between factions. That makes the outcome hard to predict.
  19. Keith Ellison Promises to Be Full-time DNC Chair If He Gets the JobHe’s removed one objection to his bid. Now maybe he and other contenders can vow to keep the contest from being a party faction war.
  20. Democrats Must Decide If an Ideological Coup Is the Best Path to RecoveryBernie Sanders is backing Keith Ellison as DNC chair to signal a party coup. Is that a good idea now? Could Howard Dean be a unifying alternative?
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    Let Reddit Ruin This Lovely Photo of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for YouWhat an embrace.
  22. These People Are Voting for a 3rd PartyEven if it leads to a Trump presidency.
  23. Just to Be Clear: The DNC and RNC Are Too Weak to ‘Rig’ AnythingThe myth of all-powerful “party Establishments” somehow lives on, despite abundant evidence they aren’t all that.
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    What We Can Learn From the Russian Hack of the DNCThe site now plays a proxy role in international statecraft.
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    Vapes Not Welcome at DNCThe Democratic National Committee is not having your e-cigarettes.
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    The DNC Email Leak Has a Viral Hero: PabloThe life of Pablo at the DNC.
  27. Leaked DNC Email: ‘Eat My Butt’WikiLeaks blows the election wide open.
  28. donald trump
    Oppo Research on Trump Merely Requires GoogleThe Democrats’ strategy appears to be fairly straightforward, at least so far.
  29. early and often
    Obama Expected to Rake in $4 Million From City VisitHe’s still got the magic.