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  1. Democrats to Unveil New Slogan Promising a ‘Better Deal’Party leaders are clearly trying to channel the Roosevelts, but that doesn’t mean their rebranding is going to work.
  2. ‘I’m Worth the Trouble’: Nancy Pelosi Defiant As Democrats Discuss Ousting HerAbout a dozen representatives met on Thursday to discuss whether there’s a way to force her out ahead of the midterms.
  3. Democrats Should Propose an Actual ‘Middle Class’ Tax CutBy neglecting to show voters what a real middle-class tax break looks like, Democrats are making it easier for Trump to sell his giveaway to the rich.
  4. Progressives Need a New Foreign-Policy Vision. This Senator Says He Has One.Democrat Chris Murphy of Connecticut is trying to sell liberals on restrained realism in Syria and other global hot spots.
  5. Autopsy: It Was Obama-Trump Voters, in the Rust Belt, With the Economic AnxietyBut, also, the white racial backlash, insufficient Democratic turnout, and James Comey. The new 2016 autopsies prove that everyone was right.
  6. just asking questions
    Can the Democrats Still Count on a Demographic Advantage?Ruy Teixeira co-authored an influential political theory in 2002 predicting liberal dominance for a generation. What does he say now?
  7. Why the Alt-Center Is a Problem, TooCentrist liberals who grossly misrepresent the views of their left-wing critics are sowing unnecessary divisions in the anti-Trump movement.
  8. The Socialist Takeover of the Democratic Party Is Proceeding NicelyCentrist Democrats used to distance themselves from the left ahead of their presidential runs. Now, Booker and Cuomo are doing the opposite.
  9. Can Democrats Move Left — and to the Suburbs?Liberal activists want economic populism. But Democrats’ path to a House majority cuts through affluent suburbs that shunned Bernie Sanders.
  10. Democrats’ Secret Weapon: Republicans Own Everything NowDemocrats are at a low point today. But freed of the burden of controlling the White House, they could have a big comeback before long.
  11. How About Some Democratic Outreach to Liberal People of Faith for a Change?Amid the interminable discussion of what Democrats can do to improve their appeal to Evangelicals, liberal faith communities should not be ignored.
  12. The Democratic Game Plan for Making Trump Miserable — and Regaining PowerThey cannot exactly follow McConnell’s 2009 strategy for thwarting Barack Obama. But they will have some good opportunities if they stay unified.
  13. Obama Says Democrats Lost ‘Badly’ Because They Didn’t ‘Show Up’Obama reiterates his (implicit) critique of the Clinton campaign, while declaring his intention to become a “talent scout” for the Democratic Party.
  14. Democrats Shouldn’t Let the Race for DNC Chair Be a Battle for the Party’s SoulDemocrats need to find an engineer ready to rebuild the party infrastructure and let others worry about ideology and messaging.
  15. Democrats May Run Their Own Eccentric Billionaires in 2018Inspired by Trump’s example — and the weakness of the Democrats’ bench — a trio of liberal mega-donors are contemplating runs for governor.
  16. the morning after
    Michael Moore Wants to Take Over the DemocratsYou must say this sentence to everyone you meet today: “HILLARY CLINTON WON THE POPULAR VOTE!”
  17. get out the vote
    Constance Wu Will Dance If You VoteHey, you know all those other elections on the ballot?
  18. women in politics
    The Surprising Way the Trump Campaign Is Helping Democratic WomenDemocratic women running for office say they’ve seen an uptick in support thanks to Trump.
  19. campaign finance
    The Trump Campaign’s Big Fundraising Haul in July Wasn’t So BigNo matter how you calculate it, the Clinton campaign and its allies are crushing Trump when it comes to raising and spending money.
  20. politics
    Clinton Campaign Says Its Computer System Was Not HackedHackers accessed a voter-analytics program maintained by the DNC, and Russia is the prime suspect.
  21. Bill Clinton Stands Poised Between His Past and His Wife’s FutureThe last white male Democratic president has connection to those who feel left behind.
  22. early and often
    In New York Speech, Sanders Eyes Democratic Party ReformHe didn’t mention Hillary Clinton once.
  23. early and often
    Sanders Pivots to New Role: Defeating Donald TrumpIn a speech Thursday night, Sanders said he’s willing to work with Hillary Clinton, but he stopped short of conceding to the presumptive Democratic nominee.
  24. early and often
    Elizabeth Warren Endorses Clinton, Calls Trump a ‘Thin-Skinned, Racist Bully’“I am ready to get in this fight and work my heart out for Hillary Clinton.”
  25. Hillary Clinton Just Shattered the ‘Highest, Hardest Glass Ceiling’She’s the first woman ever to head the ticket for a major U.S. political party.
  26. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Is Now the Presumptive Democratic NomineeShe just made history as the first woman to head the ticket of a major U.S. political party.
  27. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Is Now the Presumptive Democratic NomineeShe just made history as the first woman to head the ticket of a major U.S. political party.
  28. democratic national convention
    Sanders Tries to Oust Two DNC Committee ChairsThe campaign’s request has been rejected by the DNC, but the conflict will likely reemerge in Philadelphia.
  29. early and often
    Democrats Cave, Will Give Sanders a Say in Party PlatformMeanwhile, Sanders said the convention could get “messy.”
  30. Hillary Clinton Will Talk to Bernie Sanders ‘When He’s Ready to Talk’She’s taking the high road.
  31. democratic party
    Bernie Sanders Is Supporting Primary Challenge Against DNC’s Wasserman SchultzIn an escalation of their ongoing feud, Sanders also said he will replace Wasserman Schultz at the DNC if he’s elected president.
  32. Democrats Are Counting on Elizabeth Warren to Clean Up Their MessThey’re hoping she’ll act as a peacemaker to unify the party.
  33. early and often
    Sanders Campaign ‘Not Thinking About’ Party Unity, Says Top AdviserThe Vermont senator won’t go down without a fight, even if it means hurting Hillary Clinton.
  34. early and often
    Sanders Needs to Talk Down His SupportersTime for grown-up talk.
  35. Warren Won’t Rule Out Becoming Clinton’s VPBut right now she’s focused on her job in the Senate.
  36. What Does Bernie Really Want If He Can’t Be the Nominee?If Sanders’s real goal is to reshape the Democratic Party, he may be tempted to place a digit on the scales against Clinton in November.
  37. politics
    Bernie Sanders on Primary Losses: ‘Poor People Don’t Vote’As his path to the nomination fades, Sanders may be shifting his campaign to focus more on voter turnout.
  38. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Has Started Looking for a Running MateWith the nomination battle finally starting to wind down, her campaign is compiling its VP short list.
  39. debate debates
    Clinton and Sanders Campaigns Spar Over ‘Rejected’ New York Debate DatesDebate-date-debate-gate? 
  40. feeling the bern
    Sanders Crushes Clinton in Sweep of 3 Western CaucusesWhile Sanders still faces an unlikely path to the Democratic nomination, his message and influence continue to resonate.
  41. south carolina primary
    Clinton Completely Dominates Sanders in South Carolina PrimaryAfter losing by a 3–1 margin, Sanders needs more than a political revolution — he needs a political miracle.
  42. scouting
    Is There a ‘Next Obama’ on the Democratic Party Bench?These ten young Democrats have unusual ambition, an inspiring life story, a gift for public oratory, or some combination of the three.
  43. roundup
    Is Bernie Sanders’s ‘Political Revolution’ Fading?So far, the new-voter turnout Bernie needs doesn’t seem to be materializing.
  44. Clinton and Sanders to Debate in Flint, MichiganThe Democratic party hopes to draw attention to the city, which is still in the midst of a massive, man-made environmental disaster.
  45. liveblog
    Watch the 4th Democratic Debate With Daily IntelligencerThings could get tense and/or exciting between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
  46. campaign 2016
    The Debate Showed the Democrats at Their BestHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were knowledgeable, funny, and lightyears ahead of their GOP counterparts.
  47. early and often
    The Highlights of the 3rd Democratic Presidential DebateClinton once again dominated and Bernie apologized while O’Malley shouted for scraps — but everybody agreed about Donald Trump.
  48. early and often
    Bernie Sanders Campaign Regains Access to Their DNC DataAnd the campaign may have finally gotten the “us vs. them” narrative they’ve always wanted.
  49. early and often
    Weighing Presidential Run, Joe Biden Meets With Elizabeth WarrenShe still hasn’t endorsed any of the current Democratic candidates. 
  50. number crunching
    Americans Have Been This Angry Since JulyA new poll reveals that their opinions haven’t changed much since mid-summer.
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