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  1. Will This New Policy Stop New York’s Inmates From Reading?“Why would you restrict access to this thing that’s universally considered a positive?”
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    Sheila Heti on Drinking Her Way to a Child’s-Eye ViewAnd other lessons from Chris Kraus, Sheila Heti, and Emily Gould’s Wikipedia annotations.
  3. New York City to Stop Putting Under-21-Year-Olds in Solitary Confinement Progress. 
  4. City Settles Lawsuit Over Rikers Inmate Who ‘Baked to Death’ for $2.25 MillionJerome Murdough, a mentally ill veteran, died last February.
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    No Charges for Guards in 3 Fatal Rikers Island BeatingsThough they were ruled homicides.
  6. Rikers Island Guards Accused of Horrific Inmate Beatings Won’t Be ProsecutedThough the case was highlighted by the New York Times and a U.S. attorney’s report.
  7. Rikers Island Guards Charged With Drug SmugglingTwo of them were arrested on drug charges back in June.
  8. Rikers Guards Accused of Faking Suicide Attempt to Cover Up BeatingThose involved have not been prosecuted.
  9. City Settles Suit Over Fatal Beating of Rikers Inmate for $2.75 MillionBut does not admit fault.
  10. Mentally Ill Often Beaten at Rikers, Says StudyLast year 129 inmates were seriously injured by correction officers.
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    3 Rikers Guards Charged With Brutally Beating InmateThen trying to cover it up.
  12. At Least Two Guards Arrested in Massive Rikers Island Raid More charges are expected.
  13. Three City Employees Arrested After Brawling With Cops Outside a Sangria BarCivil servants versus civil servants.
  14. Three Rikers Island Officials Punished for Inmate’s DeathA mentally ill vet overheated in his cell.
  15. Mentally Ill Inmate ‘Baked to Death’ on Rikers Island Horrible.
  16. Rikers Guards Charged With Beating Inmate for StaringThis guy thinks he’s tough.”
  17. The Wall Street Journal Didn’t Mean to Get You So DrunkCorrection of the day.
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    Update: Sean Parker’s Wedding Not Themed, Just TyrannicalUnless you consider “Victorian flair and whimsy” a theme.
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    Ex-Inmate Accused of Sneaking Into New York Jails [Updated] It’s not clear why.
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    Correction: Nobody Was Making Butter Sculptures of Garth Brooks in 1984God, ‘Times.’
  21. ‘An Earlier Version of This Article Contained a Dateline That Incorrectly Referred to ‘Nantucket, R.I.’ Nantucket Is in Massachusetts’The New York ‘Times’ has forgotten where ultra-rich, ultra-white enclave Nantucket is located?
  22. Kanye West: ‘Fame Is Like Cigarettes With No Surgeon General Warning’Wow. That’s really true.