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  1. border wall
    Military to Spend a Month Painting a Mile of Wall Because It Isn’t Pretty EnoughAn unspecified number of military members will reportedly spend a month painting a mile of the border wall to improve its “aesthetic appearance.”
  2. immigration
    Leave Change Behind at Airport Security? It Could Soon Fund Border SecurityA DHS proposal suggests sending $3 million of loose change down to the border.
  3. immigration
    Democrats Are Developing a Clear Response to Trump on MigrantsWith seven Senate Democrats running for president on board with this alternative to Trump’s immigration policy, the bill could shape the 2020 debate.
  4. ice
    Trump Surprises Officials With Tweet Nominating Mark Morgan to Be ICE DirectorTrump surprised his advisers by tweeting the nomination of ex–Border Patrol head Mark Morgan, who will take ICE in a “tougher direction.”
  5. war on drugs
    No, Fentanyl Isn’t a Weapon of Mass DestructionThe Trump administration is considering classifying fentanyl as a WMD – a move that has nothing to do with science and everything to do with politics.
  6. immigration
    Could Trump’s Illegal Plan to Ship Migrants to Cities Make Everyone Happy?The president’s assumption that urban liberals hate and fear migrants as much as he and the MAGA folk do isn’t necessarily accurate.
  7. immigration
    Report: White House Wanted to Use Migrant Detainees to Target Political FoesThe White House reportedly considered releasing detained migrants in Nancy Pelosi’s San Fransisco district as a tactic to frustrate Democrats.
  8. immigration
    Conservatives Are Pushing to Put One of Their Own in Charge of Homeland SecurityHe’s very far to the right on immigration and everything else, but Cuccinelli may have yet to fully earn Trump’s trust.
  9. immigration
    Judge Issues Trump a Timely Reminder That the Rule of Law Applies at the BorderAs Trump reportedly issues illegal demands on immigration, a judge ruled that a program forcing asylum seekers to wait across the border must end.
  10. immigration
    Who Will Do Trump’s Bidding at DHS Now That Kirstjen Nielsen Is Gone?Trump wants immigration policy to be tougher. These people could make it so.
  11. immigration
    Trump Wants a ‘Tougher’ ICE Director. What Does That Mean?After a Homeland Security shakeup, it appears that Stephen Miller may be gaining even more influence over Trump’s immigration and border policies.
  12. immigration
    Would Patrolling With the Border Patrol Change Your Mind About the Border?A ride-along with an agency at once empowered and besieged.
  13. immigration
    Everything We Know About the 8-Year-Old Migrant Boy Who Died in U.S. CustodyAn autopsy revealed that Felipe Alonzo-Gomez died from the flu.
  14. immigration
    Everything We Know About the 7-Year-Old Migrant Girl Who Died in U.S. CustodyJakelin Caal died after waiting over an hour-and-a-half for medical care.
  15. kris kobach
    Could Kris Kobach Be Trump’s Next DHS Secretary?Trump clearly wants to dump Kirstjen Nielsen. The fiery nativist from Kansas would test GOP loyalty, but would please the president.
  16. turnover
    Report: Trump Is Desperate to Get Rid of DHS Secretary Kirstjen NielsenKansas’s Kris Kobach is among those who could replace her.
  17. family separation
    Inspector General: Family Separation Policy Was a Disaster From Its InceptionOne child was kept in a chain-link holding pen for 25 days, far surpassing the 72-hour legal limit.
  18. kleptocracy
    Yet Another Trump Official Investigated for Misusing Government Funds on TravelWhat is it with these guys?
  19. detention centers
    Six Senators Ask DHS to Address Alleged ‘Coerced Labor’ in Detention CentersDetained immigrants are allegedly being forced to work for one dollar a day.
  20. Trump Ends Family Separations by Ordering Family DetentionsThe obvious thing for Trump to do was to reverse Jeff Sessions’s “zero tolerance” policy. But he went in the opposite direction.
  21. family separation policy
    Department of Homeland Security Drafting Plan to End Family Separation: ReportTrump has indicated he will sign it.
  22. DHS Secretary Nielsen is Not MAGA Enough for Trump’s White HouseApparently minding her own business in 2016 makes Nielsen a member of Never Trump.
  23. John Kelly: Leaving DHS to Work in Trump’s White House Was Punishment From GodOnce Trump hears about this, Kelly may not be there much longer.
  24. Ravi Ragbir Doesn’t Want to Be a SymbolThe immigration-rights activist faces his own deportation. His case will be front and center at Trump’s first State of the Union address.
  25. Why the Trump Administration’s DACA Policy Is IndefensibleTrump does not want to deport the Dreamers — he only wants to torture them until Congress agrees to pass legislation it otherwise wouldn’t.
  26. immigration
    300,000 Central American and Haitian Immigrants May Soon Face DeportationMany of the immigrants have U.S.-born children and own homes and businesses, and some have lived in the country for decades.
  27. Trump Will Nominate John Kelly’s Deputy Kirstjen Nielsen to Head DHSIf confirmed, she will be just the third women in Trump’s cabinet.
  28. Hurricanes Scuttle Huge ICE RaidsThe agency had plans to conduct its largest-ever operation later this month, but Harvey and Irma got in the way.
  29. Scheme to Get Republicans a 53rd Senate Seat Collapses As Manchin Stays PutA rumored game of musical chairs had Perry going to DHS, Manchin to Energy, and a West Virginia Republican to the Senate. But in the end nobody moved.
  30. immigration
    Trump Administration May Expand and Expedite DHS Deportation PowersThe new plan would dramatically expand where and when the government could target immigrants for deportations which bypass immigration courts.
  31. politics
    Controversial Sheriff David Clarke Will Not Take Homeland Security PostAnd yes, it’s now been confirmed that they did in fact offer him the job.
  32. White Hopes Opens New Office Devoted to Encouraging Fear of ImmigrantsVictims of Immigration Crime Engagement will aid the victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants (unless those victims are undocumented).
  33. Trump May Make Visitors to U.S. Hand Over Their Social-Media Passwords“Extreme vetting” may require even short-term visitors from U.S. allies to hand over their phones, passwords, finances, and ideological views.
  34. Mothers and Children Would Be Ripped Apart Under Reported DHS ProposalThe proposal, which is reportedly under consideration, seeks to deter women from illegally crossing the border with their children.
  35. Trump Can’t Find ‘Existing Funds’ to Start Building Border Wall As PromisedDHS has found only enough money to build a “handful” of prototypes, Reuters reports.
  36. Leaked DHS Report Undermines Trump’s Argument for His Travel BanIt says citizenship in the Muslim-majority countries included in the ban is an “unlikely indicator” of a terrorism threat.
  37. Report: Border Officials Will Push Trump Away from Wall, Toward a FenceOne official told CNN that “you never want to have a barrier in place that will obstruct your vision.”
  38. Internal DHS Report Puts $21.6 Billion Price Tag on Trump’s WallThe leaked report also says it will take 18 months longer to finish the wall than DHS head John Kelly says.
  39. travel ban
    Trump Administration Reverses Itself, Exempts Green-Card Holders From Travel BanIt now seems clear the Trump administration had no idea how the travel ban was supposed to apply to permanent residents.
  40. trainwrecks
    Priebus Says Green-Card Holders Exempt From Entry Ban, Contradicting White HouseCount the Trump administration among those who don’t seem to understand the president’s new executive order.
  41. Obama Is Dismantling a Visitor-Tracking Program That Targets MuslimsThe timing would suggest he’s not eager to let it fall into his successor’s hands.
  42. Retired General John Kelly to Head Homeland SecurityThe former head of U.S. Southern Command is often described as a “border-security hawk.”
  43. Trump Cabinet Hopeful Forgets Cover Sheet, Exposes DHS Plan for All to SeeThe Kansas secretary of State met with Donald Trump Sunday and inadvertently provided insight into what he was proposing at DHS.
  44. Schumer and White House Exchanging WordsChuck Schumer, joined by de Blasio and Bratton, gets shirty about DHS funding.
  45. false alarms
    Boehner Concludes Biannual Test of the Government Shutdown SystemThe House passed a bill to fund Homeland Security, after their stand accomplished nothing.
  46. good things
    DHS Won’t Force Tourists From Ebola-Stricken Countries to Go HomeThey’ll be allowed to stay for 18 months.
  47. politics
    Jeh Johnson Confirmed to Head Homeland SecurityHe’ll replace Janet Napolitano.
  48. politics
    Jeh Johnson, Not Ray Kelly, to Run Department of Homeland SecurityObama is expected to announce the pick tomorrow.
  49. mysteries
    Joe Biden Fist-Bumped Ray KellyWhat does this mean?
  50. new york's finest
    Ray Kelly Is Not Not Interested in That DHS JobSmart choice.
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