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Uno's Delivers Today

The pizza chain will deliver to local celebrities.

By Leila Cohan-Miccio

Discerning or Desperate? Clinton Accuses Obama of ‘Plagiarism’

Patrick and Obama

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama spent Presidents' Day weekend bickering. Clinton's campaign called out Obama for “plagiarizing” Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick in one of his recent speeches; Obama admits he should have credited Patrick but says that the two are good friends who often discuss speech-making ideas (Patrick has come out in Obama’s defense). The accusation either marks a new level of pettiness for Clinton (whose campaign, by the way, now admits they will probably go after Obama's pledged delegates) or a valid critique of Obama’s honesty. Whether the issue will be on primary voters' minds today remains to be seen, but as always, the pundits have plenty to say about it.