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Dexter’s Ten Greatest Murders

In anticipation of the show's return tonight, here are the ten greatest kills in 'Dexter' history.

By Lizzy Goodman

Dexter: Blood Test

An episode that features a recurring character dying in a pool of blood would have to be good ... right?

By Kristal Hawkins

Dexter: Boy Crazy

Trinity’s patterns — and his family life — prove even more complicated than they had seemed.

By Kristal Hawkins

Dexter: The Bigger Picture

A shocking turn in the case of the sleazy photographer turns this season upside down.

By Kristal Hawkins

Dexter: Rub-a-Dub-Dub

Revelations about Trinity — in particular, his love of baths.

By Kristal Hawkins

Dexter: Might As Well Jump

Hopefully the Trinity Killer will bludgeon his third victim soon so his mother issues can balance out Dexter’s daddy issues.

By Kristal Hawkins