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  1. movie review
    Vice Is Gimmicky, But Christian Bale’s Dick Cheney Impersonation Is Spot-onAdam McKay has devised a rollicking comic style for what amounts to an anti-hagiography, a scabrous portrait of Dick Cheney the Unholy One.
  2. 2020 presidential election
    7 House Members Are Eyeing a ’20 Presidential Bid. History Says It’s a Long ShotIt’s been a long time — 140 years, to be exact — since someone has gone from the House to the White House.
  3. vulture lists
    Who Has the Most Damning Appearance in Who Is America Episode 2?Obviously, it’s this guy.
  4. what is america?
    You Can Now Purchase the Waterboard Kit Signed by Dick Cheney on Who Is America?Proceeds will go to Amnesty International when you buy it, if that makes you feel any better about being an unmitigated weirdo.
  5. who is america?
    Dick Cheney Signs Waterboard Kit in New Sacha Baron Cohen Showtime TeaserSacha Baron Cohen’s Showtime show premieres this Sunday.
  6. Cheney Endorses Haspel and a Return to TortureOnce again, Dick Cheney fires on a friend.
  7. Trump Is Pardoning Scooter LibbyNobody quite knows why, but Dick Cheney’s chief of staff is finally getting the pardon his boss unsuccessfully begged George W. Bush to supply.
  8. Does Bolton Represent an Unhinged ‘Cheney/Trump Wing’ of the GOP?Maybe Bolton — like Cheney and Trump — doesn’t represent any school of foreign-policy “thinking,” but instead pure bellicose action.
  9. transformations
    Christian Bale and Amy Adams Are Unrecognizable As Dick and Lynne CheneyIt’s for Adam McKay’s upcoming biopic.
  10. casting couch
    Christian Bale and Amy Adams May Hustle America Anew With Dick Cheney BiopicWith Steve Carell as a potential Donald Rumsfeld.
  11. the industry
    The Big Short’s Adam McKay Is Directing a Drama About Dick CheneyPlan B and Gary Sanchez to produce.
  12. the dark side
    Trump Adviser Steve Bannon Admires Darth Vader, Satan“That’s power.”
  13. Colin Powell’s Personal Emails Are Like a D.C. Burn BookThe former secretary of State was hacked, and now everyone knows he hates them.
  14. Immortal Dick Cheney Replica Now Lives at the CapitolHis bust was unveiled in the Senate wing of the Capitol.
  15. George H.W. Bush Bashes Cheney, and W. for Putting Him in PowerHe didn’t have nice things to say about Rumsfeld, either — and the former Defense Secretary returned the favor.
  16. Cheney’s Iran Ideas As Sophisticated As ExpectedThe man who did more to enable Iran’s rise to power than anybody in history speaks out.
  17. Cheney Sure Likes the Idea of a Biden Presidential CampaignWell, go for it, Joe.”
  18. Dick Cheney Boasts of 7 1/2-Year Record of Preventing TerrorismThe Bush administration was in office for seven and a half years, right?
  19. Dick Cheney’s Ongoing Descent Into Insanity Accidentally Clarifies Iran DebateThank God this crazy man never had the chance to actually implement his ideas. Oh, wait.
  20. Dick Cheney’s 6-Step Torture DenialA detailed breakdown of how the Dark Lord defends the indefensible.
  21. Dick Cheney Simply Does Not Care That the CIA Tortured Innocent PeopleI have no problem as long as we achieve our objective.”
  22. Why Do Republicans Defend Torture? The allegation that the Bush administration used torture had gone from outrageous smear to tired news without ever having passed through the stage of acceptable topic of discussion.
  23. Cheney, Cruz, and the New 9/11 Neocon Freak-OutISIS is the new Saddam.
  24. Dick Cheney Is Turning on the Charm So Republicans Will Like Him AgainThe “fence-mending” is mostly for his favorite daughter’s sake.
  25. Dick Cheney Says an Attack ‘Far Deadlier’ Than 9/11 Is LikelyAnd describes one terrifying scenario.
  26. Dick Cheney Blasts ‘Isolationist’ Rand Paul Over Iraq CriticismAfter the senator said said he was wrong on Iraq.
  27. Megyn Kelly Grills Dick Cheney, Says ‘History Has Proven’ Him Wrong on IraqThe former VP was caught sending subliminal messages to Fox News viewers.
  28. Dick Cheney Not Completely Sure If Obama Is a TraitorAnother paranoid missive from the Cheney bunker.
  29. Dick and Liz Cheney Troll Us With Scathing Iraq Op-edCan you handle Cheneyism in its most concentrated form?
  30. Paul’s GOP Hostile Takeover Gets More HostileAn audacious, heretofore successful plot meets its first resistance.
  31. Dick Cheney Bashes Obama on NSA, IsraelA secret recording from the former vice-president’s speech for Sheldon Adelson.
  32. George W. Bush Is Painting Animal Skulls These DaysDark!
  33. Dick Cheney Suprised Daughter Was ‘Attacked’ Just for Dissing Sister’s MarriageHe doesn’t care if Liz started it.
  34. Dick and Lynne Cheney Basically Take Liz’s Side in Gay-Marriage DisputeAwkward family dispute gets more awkward. 
  35. Liz Cheney Still Doesn’t Believe in Gay MarriageSo Mary called her out on Facebook.
  36. Fishing Experts Side With Dick Cheney in ‘Fishing Buddies’ DisputeWhat is a fishing buddy, exactly?
  37. Dick Cheney Picks a Fly-Fishing Fight in the Wyoming Senate RacePolitical rancor over a pastoral hobby.
  38. The Dick Cheney Roast Featured a Surreal ‘Behind the Music’ VideoCheney as Dylan?
  39. Dick Cheney Knows Homeland Is More Like Real Life Than You ThinkAnd that’s why he had the wireless function on his defibrillator disabled.
  40. Even Cheney Fans Think It’s Too Soon to Laugh About WaterboardingA roast of the former VP got pretty dark.
  41. The Cheney Sisters Are Having a Disagreement Mary Cheney says Liz is “dead wrong” on gay marriage.
  42. Liz Cheney Doesn’t Think Her Sister Should Be Allowed to Get MarriedThat’s cold. 
  43. early and awkward
    Liz Cheney Running for Senate in Wyoming, Is Not a Good FriendThis is going to be a fun race. 
  44. Obama: I’m Not Dick Cheney, and Syria Isn’t IraqThe president defends his policies on Charlie Rose.
  45. Dick Cheney Says Maybe Edward Snowden Is a Chinese SpyThe Snowden saga continues.
  46. Dick Cheney, Laura Bush Star in Ad Supporting Gay MarriageThis is probably news to them.
  47. Dick Cheney: The World’s Most Perfect PersonHe can’t name his biggest fault because he never thinks about it.
  48. Condi Rice Hit This Lady in the Face With a Golf Ball(She’s okay.)
  49. Dick Cheney Is Writing a Book About His Heart ProblemsIt will be completely “non-political.”
  50. Cheney Meant to Criticize McCain, Not PalinIt’s really all the same thing.
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