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Those Juice Fasts Are Not Exactly Healthy

These body-cleansing, weight-eliminating cure-alls are all the rage, but you won't believe what one writer wound up with after she juice fasted for ten days.

Stars Slim Down With Horse Pills and the ‘Idiot’ Diet

When celebrities tell magazines they became walking spaghetti strands by doing yoga and walking their dogs, they're lying. In fact, they're overexercising, starving themselves, smoking cigarettes, and taking drugs and prescription horse pills…

Jay-Z Now Has 100 Problems; Beef Prices Through the Roof

Jay-Z now has 100 problems: He’s being sued by the staff of the 40/40 Club for withholding tips and paying less than the minimum wage. [NYP] Beef prices are getting higher, and the supply of the best stuff getting shorter. Guess what that means for your next steakhouse bill. [NYT] There is a slew of new restaurants opening in the Hamptons, although none are what you would call world-shaking. [Newsday]

The Models Are Skinny, The Media Is Fat

Considering that we're living through a moment in which the entire fashion industry is taking a hit for whether its models are unhealthily skinny, we were very surprised to see that the organizers of Fashion Week have a very urgent message for us writer types: We're fat.

Vito From ‘The Sopranos’ to Host His Own Diet Show

Joseph R. Gannascoli, the guy who plays everyone’s favorite gay mafioso on The Sopranos, has leveraged his recent weight loss into a new gig. Beginning next month, he’ll host “Chewin’ the Fat,” a radio show about healthy eating, on FM 98.5, WBZB. Using his show-business clout, Joey G. has lined up C-list guests ranging from former Baywatch hottie Gena Lee Nolin to Jimmie “Dy-No-Mite!” Walker of TV's Good Times. (The radio show has an odd seventies vibe; 1976 Olympic superstar Bruce Jenner is even mentioned in promotions. There is no possible way Gannascoli will not be wearing a velour tracksuit during the interviews.) Each week the show will promote a new diet product for Joey G. and his guests to try. Of course, it goes without saying that we're waiting for the episode where Joey G. taste-tests johnnycakes. That’s one treat you can’t eat just once.