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  1. The Real Consequences of JPMorgan Chase’s Big PayoutIt’s not just a $13 billion settlement.
  2. How Jamie Dimon Kept His JobThe lobbying effort to keep Dimon in power was an all-hands affair.
  3. JPMorgan Chase Is in Trouble With Regulators, Part XXVIIJamie Dimon’s legal issues continue.
  4. Jamie Dimon Is Moving DownstairsHe bought a ground-floor apartment in his building.
  5. Jamie Dimon Reveals Existence of Secret Money LairLet’s go!
  6. JPMorgan Risk Committee Not Overly Concerned With Finance, RiskIn fact, no one involved has any recent banking experience.
  7. Dimonfreude: Jamie Dimon’s $2 Billion Loss Is His Enemies’ GainThe SEC and Carl Levin are the latest to join the JPMorgan pile-on.