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Dirty Dancing

  1. drunk and disorderly
    Woman Arrested for ‘Reenacting’ Dirty Dancing Scene in Wine StoreThere’s no word on what scene she was trying to re-create, but everyone knows what scene she was trying to re-create.
  2. Summer Is the Best Season for Rom-ComsSweat it out with My Best Friend’s Wedding, Dirty Dancing, and Say Anything.
  3. dancing dirty
    11 Ways the Dirty Dancing Lift Has Been Used in TV Shows and MoviesIn the 30 years since Dirty Dancing’s release, a lot of people have used the film’s signature move.
  4. highs and lows
    The Highs and Lows of Dirty DancingIs there any harsher indictment than a passionless remake?
  5. Dirty Dancing: Apparently You Can’t Have the Time of Your Life AgainNobody should try to put Baby in a corner in a three-hour TV movie.
  6. dream casting couch
    Jennifer Grey Dream-Casts Dirty Dancing RemakeChanning Tatum will also do.
  7. time of my life
    Jennifer Grey Won’t Be in Dirty Dancing RemakeAlso, she has nice things to say about Patrick Swayze.
  8. the industry
    Nicole Scherzinger Joins Dirty Dancing TV MovieShe’ll play Penny.
  9. no thanks
    Nothing Good Can Come of a Dirty Dancing RebootNo new reboots.
  10. casting couch
    Debra Messing Will Put Baby in a Corner on ABC’s Dirty Dancing She’s Baby’s mama.
  11. the industry
    Abigail Breslin to Star in Dirty Dancing MusicalNobody puts Definitely, Maybe in a corner.
  12. bffs
    Styles & Wiig Dirty-Dance at the SNL After-PartyMark ‘em down as best friends.
  13. vulture lists
    24 Dance Movies, Ranked by DancinessAs opposed to “quality.”
  14. groan
    It’s Time to Retire Dirty Dancing JokesGuess what? We’re putting Baby in a corner.
  15. bright ideas
    Catskills Now Accepting Rebranding SuggestionsHaving the time of your life now involves artisanal cheese.
  16. unnecessary remakes
    Dirty Dancing Reboot Mercifully PostponedLea Michele screen-tested for it.
  17. unnecessary remakes
    Glee’s Brad Falchuk Will Write the Dirty Dancing RemakeIt’s a musical.
  18. the time of your life
    A Timeline of 24 Years of Dirty Dancing Pop-Culture ReferencesFor 24 years, saying “nobody puts Baby in a corner” has been a surefire applause line.
  19. Openings
    Chodorow Opening Tribeca Deli?Plus, L.A.’s Sam Nazarian plans a Soho hotel restaurant.
  20. dwts
    Jennifer Grey Not Above Using Dirty Dancing Nostalgia to Beat Bristol palin on DWTSRemember that bit with the watermelon?
  21. vulture lists
    Dancing While Wet: From Singing in the Rain to Step UpA video slideshow.
  22. movies
    See an Unexpected Iron Man and Dirty Dancing Mash-UpSuperior to the ‘Bridget Jones’ cameo.
  23. movies
    Watch Dirty Dancing in Its Entirety on YouTubeYay!
  24. programming
    The Dirty Dancing Marathon: A New Christmas TraditionThis is a wise decision.
  25. the industry
    James Bond Signs Deal to Bring His Blue Eyes, Chiseled Features, Sculpted … Um … Sorry, We Got DistractedPlus industry news on Sean Penn, Heath Ledger, and Terrence Malick.
  26. quote machine
    Kristen Bell Will Have the F*** CasseroleRon Wood, Tori Amos, and Gruff Rhys!
  27. the early-evening news
    Foxy Brown and Unborn Lil’ Foxy Headed to PrisonBeleaguered hip-hop vixen Foxy Brown was sent to jail today for violating the terms of her probation, which apparently prohibited assault on one’s neighbors, manicurists, and friends. But even if you count Nicole Richie, we’re still one preggers, jail-bound celebrity short of a trend.
  28. the industry
    All the Stars Not in ‘Young Frankenstein’ Are in ‘Cymbeline’Plus industry news on Rosario Dawson, Ice Cube, and Dirty Dancing, the musical.
  29. gossipmonger
    Guv Love?The “tall and attractive” 25-year-old aide whom Jon Corzine may have been sitting next to at the time of his car crash was reassigned last month because she and the governor were allegedly getting too close. Larry and Laurie David may have split because Laurie had an affair with a married man on Martha’s Vineyard. Some Columbia Records staffers are worried that producer Rick Rubin has been named co-head of the label, given that he has no executive experience. Richie Sambora dumped Denise Richards during a Hawaii vacation a few months ago; she’d been expecting him to propose. Michael Jackson placed a number of odd, ill-timed room-service orders at an inn in Maryland, but he did bless the manager. Oliver Platt is an ardent supporter of the business tactics of George Steinbrenner, whom he plays in The Bronx Is Burning. Lindsay Lohan is dropping booze for bottled water.
  30. last night's gig
    ‘Dirty Dancing’ Fans Unite and Take Over