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  1. Let’s Talk About Trump’s AbleismTrump wasn’t mocking the reporter, Ann Coulter explains: “He was doing a standard retard, waving his arms and sounding stupid.”
  2. horrible things
    NYPD Investigating Hate Crime After Man Sets Muslim Woman’s Blouse on FireThe incident occurred while she was window-shopping.
  3. discrimination
    Woman Says She Was Booted From Restaurant for Supporting TrumpThe owners dispute the charges.
  4. Discrimination
    Restaurant Refused to Serve Family in Trump Gear“Everybody was laughing, giggling.”
  5. Lawsuits
    Man Claims McDonald’s Drive-Through Discriminates Against Blind PeopleHe’s filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against the chain.
  6. The New York Times Is Facing Another Discrimination LawsuitOver alleged “sexist, ageist, and racist hiring practices.” 
  7. Discrimination
    Woman Says Café Booted Her for Being MuslimShe called it “a painful and embarrassing reminder” of what it’s like to wear a headscarf.
  8. Lawsuits
    Man Claims Whole Foods Served Him a Cake With a Gay Slur [Updated]He claims his “Love Wins” icing message included the word f-g.
  9. Gay Rights
    Restaurant Bans Alligator to Protest Mississippi’s Anti-LGBT LawA Utah deli says it won’t use any ingredients from the Magnolia State.
  10. Gay Rights
    MS Restaurants Plan ‘Welcome’ Signs for GaysThe state’s hospitality group is also compiling an online directory of participating restaurants.
  11. lawsuit
    Transgender Man Says Whole Foods Co-workers Called Him ‘It,’ Files LawsuitHe says he suffered daily discrimination while working at the grocer’s Chelsea location.
  12. Lawsuits
    Transgender Discrimination at Whole FoodsHe says he suffered daily discrimination while working at the grocer’s Chelsea location.
  13. Mississippi Isn’t Worried About BoycottsUnlike Georgia, it’s not vulnerable to pressure from Hollywood or major sports leagues.
  14. lgbt rights
    Mississippi Senate Passes Most Sweeping Anti-LGBT Legislation in the U.S.Just a week after North Carolina.
  15. Georgia Governor Vetoes Religious-Exemptions Bill Major companies, including Disney, threatened to boycott the state if the controversial became law. 
  16. lgbt rights
    Major Businesses Condemn North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT LawIncluding the NBA.
  17. lgbt rights
    North Carolina Passes Sweeping Anti-LGBT Law Over Transgender Bathroom FearsThey rushed to pass the law in less than a day, at a cost of $42,000.
  18. Will Georgia’s Governor Sign Anti-Gay Bill?Nathan Deal must decide on the pending “religious liberty” law by May 3.
  19. B&H Sued by Labor Department for DiscriminationThe DOL accused the Manhattan retailer of making Hispanic workers use a separate “unsanitary” bathroom. 
  20. Lawsuits
    Black Customers Sue Denny’s for Asking Them to Prepay for Their MealThey say the manager tried to apologize with free dessert.
  21. #oscarssowhite
    Ian McKellen on #OscarsSoWhite: Gay Actors Are Also ‘Disregarded’“What about giving me [an Oscar] for playing a straight man?”
  22. discrimination
    Beating of Muslim Store Owner in Astoria Investigated As Hate CrimeThe suspect reportedly yelled “I kill Muslims.”
  23. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Fined For Anti-Immigrant PoliciesThe Justice Department says the chain will pay $355,000 and retrain employees.
  24. elections
    Houston Rejects LGBT Nondiscrimination Measure Due to Bathroom-Related FearsThe slogan “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms” was key.
  25. Discrimination
    A Restaurant Allegedly Booted a Gay Couple on Their Anniversary forCustomers reportedly complained that their hand-holding was “disgusting.”
  26. jobs
    Why Some U.K. Firms Are Recruiting Nameless ApplicantsIt’s not a bad idea. 
  27. new faces of things
    Transgender Model Lea T on Beauty and Acceptance“People accept you easily if you look beautiful or if you have money.”
  28. Discrimination
    A North Carolina Bar Owner Kicked Out a Gay Couple for Kissing“You’re making people feel uncomfortable.”
  29. Not Good
    Muslim Waitress Says She Was Sent Home From Work for Wearing a HijabIt happened at London’s ritzy Savoy Hotel.
  30. john oliver
    John Oliver Has a Simple Rule for Avoiding TransphobiaIf you wouldn’t ask Jimmy Carter whether he’s circumcised, don’t ask a trans person about their genitals.
  31. Discrimination
    A Bar Kicked Out a Transgender Woman Because Staff Assumed She Was a MaleShe was just there to watch the Belmont Stakes.
  32. study
    The Racial Wage Gap in Retail Is Atrocious Black and Latino salespeople earn 75 percent of what their white counterparts make, according to a new report.
  33. working mothers
    A Woman Was Kicked Out of TEDWomen for Bringing Her BabyThe organization has since said it will be “revisiting” a policy banning children from events.
  34. gender discrimination
    The ACLU Wants the Government to Investigate Hollywood’s Gender BiasParticularly against female directors.
  35. Bad Ideas
    Colorado Restaurant Owner Will Hold a ‘White Appreciation Day’“Because all Americas should be celebrated!!”
  36. Crime Scene
    There’s Video Footage of Two Gay Men Getting Attacked at New York’sThe hate crime occurred last night.
  37. Abercrombie Ditches Shirtless Men and Racy Ads “Store associates will not be hired based on body type or physical attractiveness.”
  38. very bad laws
    Hillary and Miley Agree: Indiana Shouldn’t Have Legalized LGBT DiscriminationAn odd assortment of politicians, celebrities, and businesses were united by their opposition to the new law.
  39. Lawsuits
    A McDonald’s Franchise Allegedly Fired Workers Because ‘Too ManyThis came immediately after the hiring of “a large number of white employees.”
  40. News
    A Restaurateur Posted an ‘English-Only’ Rule for HisCustomers were getting “uncomfortable,” the owner said.
  41. gamergate
    Explaining the Roots of Gamer RageWho gets to call himself a “gamer”?
  42. Shutdowns
    Restaurant’s Waitstaff Quits Midday, Alleging Racism and Way Too ManyHe allegedly fired people for being black, old, or fat.
  43. Why Disruptors Are Always White GuysWe don’t think of women and minorities when we think of bosses and entrepreneurs.
  44. Lawsuits
    Former Cooks Sue Barclays Center Over Alleged Discrimination and Racial SlursThe $5 million lawsuit also alleges that managers used racial slurs.
  45. spy games
    FBI and NSA Spied on Prominent Muslim-Americans, Snowden Leak RevealsIncluding civil rights activists, academics, and a Republican political candidate.
  46. Kill the Cover Letter and RésuméOur standard way of applying to jobs is a bad system for employers and employees alike.
  47. dumb things
    King: Gays Can Trap People Into Discrimination Plus: Homosexuality is a “self-professed behavior.”
  48. early and often
    Jan Brewer Vetoes Arizona’s Anti-Gay Bill“Religious liberty is a core American and Arizona value; so is non-discrimination.”
  49. Eat it Too
    Court Rules Bakeries Cannot Refuse Wedding Cakes to Same-Sex CouplesIt’s not really a free-speech issue, the judge says.
  50. the only living boy in vera bradley
    This Kid Looks Great With a Vera Bradley HandbagBut they suspended for him it.
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