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Dmitry Medvedev

  1. G20 Summit Spying Tradition ConfirmedBy The Guardian, with help from Edward Snowden.
  2. Dmitry Medvedev: Free Pussy Riot!The Russian prime minister lets his radical feminism show a little.
  3. Watch Sixteen Politicians and Dignitaries Get Their Groove OnWho’s got the moves?
  4. Watch Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin Play a Friendly Game of BadmintonThose who play badminton well, make decisions quickly.”
  5. Vladimir Putin Set to Be Russia’s President, Again(Un)oficial 2012 presidential candidate of ruling party.
  6. Russia to U.S.: How Dare You Bust Our Secret Ring of Idiot Clown Spies?This could jeopardize our strategic arms agreement!
  7. Food Politics
    Obama Practices Burger DiplomacyThe president takes Dmitry Medvedev out for lunch at Ray’s in Arlington, Virginia.
  8. Robert Gibbs Seems Kind of Worried About the Nuclear Arms TreatyCan it actually pass the Senate?
  9. Obama in Russia: We Want a ‘Strong, Peaceful, and Prosperous Russia’Obama’s speech this morning continued his theme of “pushing the reset button.”
  10. Mediavore
    Street Food Fight; Rocco and Chodorow Are CoolPlus: France’s meal tax falls, and Ferran Adrià is not a pizzaiolo, all in our morning news roundup.
  11. Obama Has Been Playing M.A.S.H. With Russia This Whole TimeDon’t you miss the eighties?