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  1. DOJ Erases ‘Need for Free Press and Public Trial’ From Internal ManualThese requirements are totally outdated!
  2. Report: Justice Dept. No. 3 Cited Russia Investigation As Reason to LeaveThere are still unanswered questions about her resignation.
  3. Rachel Brand, No. 3 at Justice Department, Steps Down After Only Nine MonthsThis could be an ominous development in the Mueller investigation.
  4. DOJ to Sue to Stop AT&T–Time Warner DealThe decision may or may not have something to do with President Trump’s fierce hatred of CNN.
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    DOJ Subpoenas Twitter Users Over Smiley-Face-Emoji TweetTwitter is fighting it.
  6. The DOJ Just Called for the Firing of 46 Obama-Appointed U.S. State’s AttorneysThen-president-elect Donald Trump had asked the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York to stay on in November.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Justice Department Will Review George Zimmerman’s CaseHe may be eligible for criminal civil rights charges.
  8. ink-stained wretches
    The Blame Game Is in Full Swing for the Justice Department and AP No, you started it. 
  9. america's most spiteful sheriff
    Joe Arpaio Is America’s Most Spiteful Sheriff He hates the federal government, loves racial profiling. 
  10. profits anonymous
    Preet Bharara Is the Reason You Can’t Play Online Poker Right NowPreet strikes again!
  11. loose lips
    Stephen Colbert Breaks Down the Case of the Government-Prescribed Corporate Hacker Who Failed to Bring Down WikiLeaksIn a glorious three and a half minutes.
  12. smoking
    The DOJ Has Some Ideas for Tobacco Companies’ New Advertising CampaignThe proposed ad copy spots just short of, “We kill you for the money.”
  13. loose lips
    Try As It Might, The U.S. Can’t Find a Way to Prosecute Julian AssangeIf not espionage, then how about conspiracy?