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Naomi Campbell's Jailbird Style

After being charged with six counts, Naomi Campbell could end up behind bars for six months. We picked out a few outfits to tide her over.

Dolce and Gabbana to Move Into a Monastery?

Italian dynamic duo Dolce and Gabbana owes money to the man. Or should we say l'uomo. According to Italian newsweekly L'Espresso, the fashion house was fined $3 million for tax evasion after a third-party distributor resold more than 100,000 items off the books. But the Batman and Robin of fashion still have enough money to buy a monastery, WWD reports.

Why Wouldn’t Sharon Bush Be Involved With Roger Clemens’s Steroid Scandal?

Sharon Bush
Roger Clemens's friendship with the black sheep of the Bush family, Sharon Bush, may cost him a pardon from George W. if he is convicted of perjury. Both HarperCollins and Random House are set to come out with books about George Steinbrenner. A "Page Six" spy thinks Howard Stern's fiancée, Beth Ostrosky, wants to have a baby because she, uh, stopped to say hello to one. Will Ferrell and Tom Brokaw did an onstage bit together at Radio City Music Hall on Sunday for Ferrell's Funny or Die tour. The New Yorker reveals that the late Bishop Paul Moore was a closeted homosexual. Tracy Westmoreland, owner of erstwhile dive bar Siberia, may play a bouncer in a movie called The Bouncer.

Oscar Fashion Bores — Now on to Paris!

• The inane glories of the red carpet: Atonement's 13-year-old Saoirse Ronan doesn't care what people think about her outfit, George Clooney's date seemed restless, and Steve Carell claimed to wear $14,000 Spanx. [WP] • Most Oscar dresses were boring and many red-carpet walkers' "behavior could have used a little refinement," like Jessica Alba who chewed gum the whole walk down. [WWD]