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Domestic Abuse

  1. A Florida Judge Will Be Reprimanded After She Jailed a Victim of Domestic AbuseJudge Jerri Collins jailed the victim of domestic abuse for not showing up in court.
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    Woman Stabbed to Death on the Subway After Rebuffing the Man She Was DatingOn an afternoon Chicago Red Line train.
  3. crimes and misdeamnors
    Johnny Manziel Booked in Texas on Assault ChargeHe’ll make his first court appearance on Thursday.
  4. China Makes Domestic Abuse an Actual CrimeThere are still dozens of countries where domestic abuse is totally legal. 
  5. Hozier and Saoirse Ronan Made a Music Video That Addresses Domestic AbuseCalled “Cherry Wine.”
  6. arrests
    ‘American Pie’ Singer Don McLean Was Arrested and Charged With Domestic AbuseAt his home in Camden, Maine.
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    Terrence Howard Sued by Ex-Wife for Assault, Defamation Michelle Ghent says Terrence strangled her in 2013.
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    Ray Rice’s Redemption Campaign“Man, they just don’t know who I am.”
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    The NFL’s Disgusting Message to Abused WomenThe league is saying that their testimony isn’t enough.
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    NYPD Sued for Mocking, Arresting Abuse Victims Who Don’t Speak EnglishThis is a very ugly lawsuit.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Ordered to Look Into Domestic Abuse Victims [Updated]They will arrest the accuser, too, if necessary.
  12. idiot politicians
    New Hampshire Legislator: ‘A Lot of People Like Being in Abusive Relationships’New Hampshire Republican holds minority opinion.
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    Anchorman Rob Morrison Quits CBS After Allegedly Choking WifeThe police report makes things uglier.
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    Is That Rihanna’s Battered Face Tattooed on Chris Brown’s Neck?The most depressing use of our zoom function yet.
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    VH1 Pulls Chad Johnson’s Reality ShowHe was arrested Saturday for allegedly head-butting his wife.
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    New Jersey Man Arrested in Hit-and-Run Murder of GirlfriendCharles J. Ann was found in Queens trying to flee the country.
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    Hiram Monserrate Offers Stupidest Excuse for Domestic Assault EverReally, it’s worse than ‘She walked into a wall.’