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Ben Schwartz Seems to Really Hate Don Cheadle and Really Love Profanity

What an ass Don Cheadle is. What is he even the Don of? Jerks? It's wonderful that Ben Schwartz was brave enough to tell the truth. This is the first of a Hollywood Reporter series in which they're having actors "stump" for their Emmy-nominated [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Assessing the House of Lies Pilot: Is It a Series to Watch?

House of Lies is set to premiere this Sunday on Showtime, but they put the pilot onYouTube yesterday. The show is about a not-so-ragtag group of management consultants trying to manage and/or consultant (I don’t know how business works) in this [...]

By Jesse David Fox

House Of Lies Trailer Might Make You Want To Occupy Wall Street

I have the sneaking suspicion, based on the House of Lies trailer posted by co-star Ben Schwartz, that the new Showtime show might be coming out at the wrong time in history. Remember when Sex And The City 2 came out during the recession (that [...]

By Halle Kiefer

Don Cheadle Makes For a Somewhat Less Friendly Captain Planet

Here's a new one from Funny or Die, which features Don Cheadle as everyone's favorite eco-friendly superhero, Captain Planet. His crew of multi-cultural Earth-savers also includes Community's Gillian Jacobs, amongst others. My only complaint: [...]

By Adam Frucci

Let Don Cheadle Care for Your Hangin’ Brains at Sacks West

In this new Funny or Die video, Don Cheadle invites you to his Sacks West resort and spa, where they pamper the most delicate and vital part of the gentleman's anatomy. It features a true cavalcade of celebrity endorsements, including...wait, [...]

By Adam Frucci