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Donnie Walsh

  1. All of a Sudden, the Knicks Really Want a Point GuardAny point guard will do, really.
  2. Stan Van Gundy: Knicks Don’t Really Care About EwingThe Magic coach says that the Knicks only “pretend to appreciate” their all-time leading scorer.
  3. Why Exactly Is Stephon Marbury Still a Knick?Donnie Walsh has decided that he doesn’t want to pay to quite literally make his problems go away.
  4. Donnie Walsh’s Trades So Good They May Even Benefit the YankeesWould CC Sabathia sign with the Yankees, knowing that his pal LeBron could very well sign with the Knicks?
  5. Karma Police Catch Up to the KnicksTrading Frederic Weis surely pleased the cosmos, but acquiring Darko Milicic might take some explaining.
  6. Would LeBron James Really Turn Down New York for Europe — and $50 Million?That’s what a source suggests. And we are officially thrown into an unsportsmanlike tizzy.
  7. Helping Mike D’Antoni Dream the Impossible DreamThat is, squeaking a winning season out of Isiah Thomas’s Knicks.
  8. Big Urban-Planning Issues: How Do We Get LeBron?It’s been a bad week for massive urban-planning projects. First came news that Madison Square Garden would be renovating instead of moving into the Moynihan Station megadevelopment across Eighth Avenue.
  9. Donnie Walsh In As Knicks President, Isiah Thomas Also Still In... As Water Boy?Now we have Donnie Walsh as Knicks president, but Isiah Thomas will be sticking around. What on earth will they have him do?
  10. It Happened This Week: Striking BackHillary Clinton hit Barack Obama on Reverend Jeremiah Wright even as critics slammed her for fibbing about Bosnian sniper fire, Sean Combs smacked down rumors that he was involved with Tupac’s shooting, and other events of the week that was.