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Doug Benson’s New Album ‘Gateway Doug’ Is Coming on July 9th

As has become an annual tradition, Doug Benson recorded a standup album on 4/20 this spring. This one is to be called Gateway Doug, and it'll be available from ASpecialThing Records starting on July 9th. It promises to contain "his thoughts on [...]

By Adam Frucci

10 Comedy Podcasts That Would Make Great TV Shows

TV is Dead, Long Live TV. While television is rapidly decaying on the business end of things, simultaneously it is consistently evolving, more artistically challenging and even auteur-friendly, and that is partially thanks to the infiltration [...]

By Roger Cormier

Doug Benson’s New Documentary to Debut Online Next Month

Here's the trailer for The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled, a new documentary from stoner comedian Doug Benson that will be available streaming online starting next month. The video site Chill.com, which released Maria Bamford's new special last [...]

By Bradford Evans

Fun Fun Fun Fest Has a Funny Funny Funny Comedy Line-Up

What a great trend it has been for music festivals to include comedians. Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest, which this year runs from November 2-4, is one such example. This year's festival will include performances from Hannibal Buress, Wyatt Cenac, [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Take the High Road with Doug Benson’s New Movie

Here's the trailer for the latest movie from Doug Benson, comedian and Known Pot Smoker. It follows him on tour as he tells joke and smokes weed from a bowl, an apple, and - is that a didgeridoo? This truly may be The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled.

By Hallie Cantor

Earwolf Challenge Update: Week Seven

The Earwolf Challenge, the weekly contest to crown one amateur podcast as the Earwolf network's newest show, is barreling towards it dramatic conclusion with only three podcasts left in the running following today's installment. The Challenge [...]

By Bradford Evans

The Benson Interruption’s Rough Transition From Stage to Screen

Comedians speak often about the inherent isolation of their profession: the loneliness of the road, the solitary process of joke writing, and the misery that follows a horrible show. But perhaps the most forlorn moments of a comic’s life come [...]

By Cameron Tung

A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts

UPDATE: Come check out the newer, much-expanded version of this guide: A Seriously Comprehensive Guide to Comedy Podcasts. It's this guide, plus tens more podcasts with in-depth reviews!

By Joe Berkowitz