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Dov Hikind

  1. Dov Hikind Apologizes for Not Apologizing for Blackface CostumeIt’s a “heartfelt and sincere” apology.
  2. Brooklyn Pol Dov Hikind Dons Blackface for PurimHe dressed as “sort of a black basketball player” for Purim.
  3. Are NYC Sanitation Agents Issuing Bogus Tickets?These tickets smell funny.
  4. Dov Hikind Hates Gay Marriage So Much He’s Willing to Suspend Party AllegianceIn the special election to replace Anthony Weiner in the House, Hikind’s considering supporting Republican Bob Turner.
  5. When ‘Whore’ Is Too KindAn assemblyman lashes out at Westboro Baptist Church demonstrators.
  6. Brooklyn Assemblyman Wants to Keep Non-Jews Out of Holocaust MemorialTo include these other groups diminishes their memory,” Dov Hikind says.