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  1. Fitch Threatens to Downgrade U.S. Credit RatingA “negative outlook” for the national debt.
  2. S&P Head Stepping DownIt’s got nothing to do with the Justice Department — really.
  3. U.S. Government Swears It Was Investigating S&P Before the DowngradeThe Justice Department is looking into the now-notorious downgrader.
  4. The Yo-Yo Shift on Wall Street’s Wild Week: The Diary of an Anonymous Trader” I’m down the price of two college educations in the time it takes to cook a lobster. Feel like a total moron.”
  5. Wall Street’s Crazy Week Ends WellStocks somehow finish up.
  6. SEC Looking Into Insider Trading at S&P, Just in CaseAmerica collectively rubs its hands together eagerly.
  7. Stop Following the Stock Market if You Don’t Want WhiplashIt changed direction again today.
  8. Barack Obama Slams Congress in ‘Angry’ SpeechThere’s something wrong with our politics.”
  9. The Editor of The NYT Book Review Sticks Up for the S&P’s ChairmanThey were English majors together at Grinnell.
  10. Stocks Take a Massive Late-Day Tumble After Brief RallyThey’re just doing this for the attention, aren’t they?
  11. China Might Be Just As Screwed As We AreWhy our downgrade has them really, really worried.
  12. You Know, If You Wanted to, SEC, You Could Probe S&P and Threaten Its Rating LicenseJust sayin’.
  13. S&P Overreacting to EverythingThe S&P does not handle unpredictability well.
  14. Ben Bernanke and Fed Promise Low Rates Amid Stock Market Roller Coaster [Updated]A bad day for the faint of heart.
  15. Report: There’s a Plane Flying Above Lower Manhattan With a Message to Standard & Poor’sTHANKS FOR THE DOWNGRADE. YOU SHOULD ALL BE FIRED.”
  16. This Isn’t 2008 All Over Again, ExactlyEven if it looks a whole lot like it.
  17. Asian Stock Market Nose-divesInvestors feel the effects of Wall Street’s very bad day.
  18. Markets Close Way Down Despite Obama’s ReassuranceThe Dow plunged below 11,000 to end the worst day on Wall Street since 2008.
  19. Return of the Sad Traders: Proof That Americans Don’t Understand the EconomyOur most reliable photographic economic indicator has officially returned.