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  1. How Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ Remark Could Help Provoke a Government ShutdownIt gives Democrats a perfect excuse to draw a hard line on immigration.
  2. Trump Rejects Bipartisan Dreamers DealThe president demands an immigration bill that can win Democratic support — and make all of his far-right friends happy.
  3. Trump Ending DACA Was Never About the Law. A Federal Judge Noticed.The administration didn’t offer much legal justification for killing the program. Now a court has ordered that protections for Dreamers be restored.
  4. Trump Wants $18 Billion Border Wall in Deal to Protect DreamersHis proposal won’t get very far in Congress.
  5. Nobody Seems to Know What Trump’s ‘Big Beautiful Wall’ Would Look LikeYears after Trump started talking about a border wall, congressional negotiators trying to cut a spending deal still aren’t sure how it’s defined.
  6. Doug Jones to Enter Senate As a Regular Democrat Who’s Open to BipartisanshipWhile you can expect him to reflect Alabama sensitivities in the Senate, he’s not going to be a Democrat in name only.
  7. Why a Government Shutdown Is Looming Again in JanuaryAnother month of GOP rule, another month of stressful and arbitrary deadlines.
  8. Britney Comes Out in Support of DreamersSpears calls for Congress to create a permanent solution to the current DACA crisis.
  9. Delirious December Gives Way to Jittery January As Congress Passes Spending BillCongress has kicked multiple cans down the road to January, but they won’t be able to stall any longer.
  10. House GOP May Skip Town and Cause a Pre-Christmas Government ShutdownPaul Ryan and the House GOP are jumping off a cliff and hoping the Senate follows. If they don’t, the government will shut down.
  11. Democrats Abandon Threats to Shut Down Government to Protect DreamersAfter some saber-rattling, congressional Democratic leaders have decided to pursue Dreamer protections through bipartisan negotiations.
  12. Just 13 Shopping Days Before a Possible Meltdown in D.C.!The GOP has passed a tax bill in both chambers and pushed a government-shutdown crisis back two weeks. But the week before Xmas could be treacherous.
  13. Shutting Down the Government for Dreamers May Be Risky for DemocratsOf all the reasons for triggering a government shutdown, reestablishing DACA protections ranks low in public support.
  14. Will the Government Avoid a Shutdown? 5 Key QuestionsA government shutdown is unlikely. But if talks wander onto non-spending topics, and each side thinks the other will be blamed, it could happen.
  15. Congress Will Face a Government Shutdown on December 22 — Merry Christmas!A scheme by Ryan and McConnell to buy more time while embarrassing Democrats blew up, as defense hawks said no.
  16. Republicans Trying to Engineer a Government Shutdown They Can Blame on DemocratsIn the latest maneuvering over spending, Republicans want Democrats to go to the mats on immigration policy and perhaps trigger a government shutdown.
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    Good Place Actor Bambadjan Bamba Reveals He’s an Undocumented ImmigrantBambadjan Bamba, who also appears in the upcoming Black Panther, came to America as a child. He spoke up in support of DACA.
  18. Bernie Sanders Hints at Possible Government Shutdown Over DACAHe joins three other Democrats.
  19. Roy Moore May Have Killed the DACA DealSteve Bannon branded Moore’s victory as the revolt of the Trumpen proletariat. The president bought his hype.
  20. This White House Aide Is Trying to Sabotage Trump’s DACA DealThe Breitbart wing of the White House is pushing for Trump to demand radical cuts to legal immigration in exchange for showing Dreamers his mercy.
  21. Trump Administration Supports Path to Citizenship, a.k.a. Amnesty, for DreamersIn the latest in a series of flip-flops, the Trump administration now seems to be endorsing eventual citizenship for beneficiaries of a deal on DACA.
  22. Nancy Pelosi Shouted Down at Pro-Daca Press Conference by Pro-DACA ProtestersSome activists may be expecting too much from Democrats.
  23. World Upside Down: Breitbart News Prefers Ryan to Trump on Dreamers DealTrump’s most reliable media allies are comparing his DACA deal to Bush 41 raising taxes, and even prefer their longtime target Paul Ryan’s position.
  24. Does the GOP Base Love Trump More Than It Hates ‘Amnesty’?As Trump pursues a DREAM Act, we’re about to learn whether Trumpism is more of a personality cult than nativist movement.
  25. Trump’s Immigration Flip-FlopHis astonishing (if shaky) deal with Democrats is a miniature version of the immigration reform efforts that divided the GOP in the recent past.
  26. 5 Reasons Why a Dreamer Bill Could Really HappenCould Trump’s one legislative achievement be a bill to help immigrants?
  27. Politicians React to Trump’s Decision to Rescind DACAThe decision has split members of the Republican Party.
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    Your Guide to Fighting Trump’s Decision to End DACAHow to protest and who in Congress to call to stand up for the rights of immigrants.
  29. Trump’s Immigration Plan Is Obamacare Repeal All OverAn incoherent president can’t decide which promise to break, tries to get Congress to figure it out for him.
  30. Trump’s Cowardly Dodge on DACAThe president has again demonstrated that the rule of law is a nonconcern for his administration.
  31. Paul Ryan Backs Bill to Give Dreamers Legal StatusThe Speaker urges Trump not to end DACA — and Congress to give undocumented people who were raised in America permanent legal status.
  32. Disowning Dreamers Would Be Donald Trump’s Worst Deal YetHe seems to be letting himself get hoodwinked by a meaningless threat.
  33. Trump May End DACA — and Still Hold Dreamers HostageA reported go-slow approach to rescinding DACA is compatible with a strategy of making Dreamers part of a broader immigration deal.
  34. Report: President Trump Is ‘Likely’ to End DACAThe program covers nearly 800,000 young people in the U.S.
  35. Could Trump Hold Dreamers Hostage for Border-Wall Funding?The administration may be forced by the courts to cancel protection for Dreamers. So it could be time for a grand bargain to get border-wall funding.
  36. Trump Could Bust Loose Again at Phoenix RallyIt would be natural for the president to follow up on controlled remarks about Afghanistan with an uninhibited base-feeding frenzy the next night.
  37. 780,000 Dreamers in Danger of DeportationTrump may be pushed by a lawsuit to keep his 2016 promise to kill DACA and deport Dreamers — or they could become a pawn for nativists in Congress.
  38. Making Sense of Trump’s Announcement About DreamersHe left in place a policy protecting young undocumented immigrants while canceling protections for their parents. It’s unclear what’s next.
  39. Sessions Says He ‘Can’t Promise’ That Dreamers Won’t Be DeportedHe clarified the Trump administration’s stance after a 23-year-old, who claims he had DACA status, was deported.
  40. The Trump Administration May Have Deported Its First DreamerJuan Manuel Montes, 23, has filed a lawsuit to obtain information about why he was sent back to Mexico.