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‘Cloverfield’ Is a Kick — a Bruising One

What if you used the same singular, disoriented vantage for a giant-monster picture, a spectacle: Godzilla through the eyes of a sap way down below trying not to get stomped?

J.J. Abrams Has an Awesome New Monster Movie, and You Can't Know Its Title

Filmjunk reports on that crazy unnamed J.J. Abrams–produced trailer that preceded showings of Transformers this week. The very cool, Blair Witch–style teaser, which shows "cameraphone footage" of a New York party being interrupted by a huge Midtown explosion and some kind of expanding monster-like attack, ends with a brief flicker of the unnamed movie's credits, revealing little other than that Abrams, brainiac behind Lost, is the producer, and that Drew Goddard, a Lost (and, formerly, Angel) writer is responsible for the screenplay. Oh, and that it comes out on January 18, 2008.