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Drone Wars

  1. Emails in Clinton Probe Discussed Planned Pakistani Drone StrikesThe messages are part of a secret deal that gave the State Department a say in whether CIA drone strikes should proceed.
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    Brooklyn Teacher Crashes Drone Into Stands During U.S. Open MatchThe seats were empty, so no one was hurt. 
  3. Amazon Drones Are Part of Jeff Bezos’s Pre-Lobbying StrategyThey’re not meant for customers.
  4. The Sky Will Soon Be Filled With Journalism DronesWelcome to Alec Baldwin’s worst nightmare.
  5. Al-Awlaki Asks Why 16-Year-Old Grandson Was Killed by Drone StrikeHe’s filed a lawsuit seeking “answers and accountability.”
  6. CIA’s Inexact Drone Targeting Pretty Well-Established at This PointBut NBC does so again.
  7. Obama Guards His Left Over TerrorismHawkish policies are now a political liability for the first time since 9/11.
  8. Obama Will Slow Down Drone Strikes But Keep ControlThe war on terror isn’t forever, but it’s also not over.
  9. Obama Admits to Killing Americans With DronesThe Justice Department formally acknowledged killing four Americans abroad.
  10. Report: CIA’s Drone Program in Pakistan Began With Assassination Deal The Americans agreed to kill a Pakistani militant in exchange for permission to conduct more targeted killings.
  11. John Brennan to Face a Grilling Despite Obama’s Last-Minute Help [Updated]There are still plenty of questions for John Brennan.
  12. Why the New York Times Outed a Secret U.S. Drone Base NowJohn Brennan.
  13. CIA Has Secret Drone Base in Saudi ArabiaCritics of the policy are planning a showdown.
  14. Leaked Memo Shows Rules for Killing Americans With Drones Are Pretty VagueImminent threat” gets a new definition.
  15. Report: U.S. Government Is Drafting a Drone Strike RulebookBetter late than never?
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    Pretty Much Every Other Country Hates the Drone WarShould the United States care?
  17. Obama’s Self-Serving Drone PolicyOr at least every “military-age male.”