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  1. hollyweed
    Okay, Who Changed the ‘Hollywood’ Sign to ‘Hollyweed’?But have you ever seen the “Hollywood” sign … on weed?
  2. Americans Are Doing Less Drunk and Drugged DrivingThe roads appear to be getting safer.
  3. cognitive behavioral therapy
    For Social-Anxiety Disorder, Talk Therapy Is More Effective Than PillsThe medication “camouflages” the fact that patients can learn to regulate their anxiety themselves.
  4. today in teens
    Teens Now Associate ‘Smoking’ With Marijuana, Not CigarettesSomeone call Merriam-Webster.
  5. public health
    Congress Pledges $1 Billion to Tackle the Opioid EpidemicFinally.
  6. drugs
    What Steve Kerr’s Marijuana Admission MeansBecause marijuana is still stigmatized in a racialized way, it helps when “clean-cut” types like Kerr admit to having dabbled.
  7. drugs
    MDMA Is Now One Step Away From Being a Prescription for PTSDNo longer a club drug?
  8. public health
    More Evidence That Drugs, Suicide, and Despair Fueled Trump’s WinPeople are “literally dying.”
  9. It’s Time for Cautious Excitement About Ayahuasca As a Treatment For DepressionRegular use does not seem “to induce the pattern of addiction-related problems that characterize drugs of abuse.”
  10. Here’s Why Ibuprofen and Naproxen Might Not Be That Safe After AllIbuprofen was believed to be a safer pain-reliever.
  11. John Oliver Takes a Closer Look at the Opioid Addiction Epidemic in the US […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver takes a closer look at opioid addiction in the US and how doctors […]
  12. White House: It’s Ironic for Trump to Accuse Clinton of Drugging Before Debates“You’re telling me that the candidate who snorted his way through the first two debates is accusing the other candidate of taking drugs?”
  13. Trump Suggests Clinton Was on Drugs at DebateAt this point, Trump may spend the rest of the campaign “just asking questions.”
  14. the science of dreams
    Why Your Dreams Go Crazy When You Stop Smoking PotMost people think it has to do with REM sleep. Not so, insists a sleep researcher who has come up with a competing theory.
  15. explainers
    Why Did the Government Want to Ban This Herbal Supplement?This pain-relieving leaf is stirring up controversy.
  16. Two U.S. Diplomats Were Reportedly Drugged in Russia Last YearIt’s part of a broader campaign of harassment against American officials in Russia.
  17. Why Does the Government Want to Ban This Herbal Supplement?This pain-relieving leaf is stirring up controversy.
  18. drugs
    The Obscure, Legal Drug That Fuels John McAfeeThroughout the software engineer’s bizarre downfall and remarkable comeback, his drug of choice has been a mystery — until now.
  19. health concerns
    U.N. Calls Antibiotics in Food a Health Crisis on Par With AIDSIt says drug-resistant bacteria is a “fundamental threat” to the world’s health safety.
  20. In an Act of Extreme Sanity, Canada Approves Prescription HeroinWhat if you treated addiction as something to be treated rather than punished?
  21. Magic Mushrooms Might Be a Great Way to Quit SmokingAccording to a small and promising study.
  22. fact-checking
    Pablo Escobar’s Son Has 28 Problems With Narcos“Grave errors”!
  23. Americans Are Smoking a Lot More Weed, But It’s Totally ChillThe number of Americans who use marijuana is going up — but the number who abuse the drug is going down.
  24. awful things
    Flakka Is Like Bath Salts, But WorseThe synthetic stimulant can have terrifying side effects.
  25. How Sex on MDMA Stacks Up Against Weed and AlcoholGet ready for the weekend, kids.
  26. 420
    Portable Toilet Can’t Stop Telling Everyone How Much It Loves WeedWe get it.
  27. The Absurd Marijuana-Research Monopoly Is Finally EndingHooray, capitalism!
  28. This Music Simulator Claims to Get You High Through Your HeadphonesJust think of all the money you’ll save on…other stuff.
  29. moms and daughters
    This Mom Thought She Found Drugs in Her Daughter’s Room — Not Quite“Mom, put them in water … “
  30. Prince Is the Most Famous Face of the Opioid Epidemic That’s Devouring America“We need to see the Prince in all of us.”
  31. Why Is There No Standard Measurement for Weed?It can be impossible to know how much THC you’re actually ingesting.
  32. Crime Scene
    Boston Chef Busted With a Ton of Drugs at Canadian BorderThings don’t look great for Tim Maslow or his well-regarded Ribelle.
  33. I’m Changing This Bar’s Jazz Jam Session Rules, by Brian Dunn Great set, fellas. Really great. I didn’t recognize that last tune. “Caravan”? Hmm. Never heard of it. We need to chat before you put your […]
  34. drugs
    Matthew Perry Doesn’t Remember Filming 3 Seasons of FriendsCould this story be any sadder?
  35. trailer mix
    Watch ‘Chelsea Does … Drugs’ TrailerChelsea Does premieres January 23.
  36. A Guide to New York’s First Weed DispensaryFor starters, why patients aren’t allowed to smoke it.
  37. The Men Making Captagon, the Drug Fueling ISIS Everything daesh does is because of this pill.”
  38. Penn Station Shooter Snorts Up in CustodyHe tried to hide the evidence under a table. It didn’t work.
  39. Martin Shkreli’s Super-Expensive Drug Has a New, Cheap CompetitorTuring Pharmaceuticals just got disrupted.
  40. Odom Reportedly Suffered Brain Damage, StrokeHe remains on life support.
  41. A Meth Lab Exploded Inside a Government BuildingJust say, “Oh no.”
  42. The Chain Gang
    New York Times Discovers Bleakest McDonald’s EverIt’s a Times Square location where everybody’s high and the police visit 200 times last year.
  43. drugs
    What’s the Real Deal With ‘Female Viagra’?Is the fight for a new drug about feminism or pharmaceutical lobbying?
  44. drugs
    A Fun Secondhand Pot Smoke Hotboxing ExperimentFor science!
  45. quotables
    Hey, Jane Fonda, Should I Ever Take Peyote? Asking a woman we trust.
  46. Prize Package
    Woman Finds Small Bag of ‘High-Quality’ Cocaine in Her Granola BarShe thought she’d “won a prize.”
  47. Synthetic Weed Is Putting New Yorkers in the Hospital Again One hundred sixty this month.
  48. drugs
    New Research on Smoking Pot and Drinking at the Same TimeIt’s worse than indulging in the two activities separately.
  49. vicemo
    Columbia Students Now Regret Using Venmo to Buy DrugsA reminder: This was a bad idea.
  50. Drama
    Yelpers Love Queens Pizzeria Accused of Housing Secret Cocaine Operation“You must try the HOMEMADE WINE!”
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