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Dynasty Warriors

  1. Jeb Calls Out Hillary for Pointing Out W. Didn’t Keep Us Safe on 9/11Though technically she had nothing to do with the ad attacking him.
  2. Jeb’s New Iraq Stance: My Brother’s ‘Mission Was Accomplished’Blaming the results of his brother’s war on Obama and Clinton is a bold move, and it probably won’t work.
  3. 2016 Is the Latest Bump in the Long Clinton-Bush FriendshipNow that Jeb and Hillary are both in, the presidential pals are officially rivals again.
  4. Jeb Bush Isn’t His Brother, But He’d Invade Iraq, TooAnd they both agree that there were some “mistakes.”
  5. dynasty warriors
    Jeb Bush Assures Us He’d Be Willing to Start a War, Despite Family HistoryPhew.