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  1. Watch T.J. Miller Guest Host ‘Chelsea Lately’ Comedian T.J. Miller guest hosted E!’s Chelsea Lately Tuesday night, and here’s a clip of his opening segment, which involves him donning drag […]
  2. Chelsea Handler Plans to End Her E! Talk ShowTHR reports that after eight years on the air, Chelsea Lately host Chelsea Handler plans to end her E! channel talk show when her contract with […]
  3. comings and goings
    Chelsea Handler Plans to Leave E!When her contract expires in nine months.
  4. potential comebacks
    Elizabeth Hurley Heads Up E!’s First Scripted ShowIt’s about faux British royals.
  5. causes
    It’s Time for the Mani-Cam to DieIf ever there were a cause worth fighting for, this is it.
  6. Did E! Rip Off ‘Nikki and Sara Live’?Earlier today, Nikki Glaser sent a sad tweet out to her followers: “So, @ENews blatantly stole a bit from my old MTV show. It feels really […]
  7. loub it up
    The Odious Blog of a #RichKid of Beverly HillsThe red soul of Boobs & Loubs. 
  8. fun facts
    E!’s Disturbing ‘Fun Fact’ Becomes a ‘Fun Meme’Fun! (The meme, not the original.)
  9. quotables
    Lindsay Lohan Makes Fun of Kristen Stewart’s CarIs she even allowed to drive anymore?
  10. E! Execs Are Allegedly Sabotaging a Benefit Show for Striking ‘Fashion […]Last month, the writers of the E! network’s comedy/variety show Fashion Police went on strike to fight for fair wages and a WGA contract. Said […]
  11. twitterror
    E!’s Twitter Got Hacked TooJustin Bieber is not gay, everyone.
  12. Comedy Writers Strike on E!’s ‘Fashion Police’Writers for the E! comedy/variety show Fashion Police are on strike. After months of being paid for eight hours of work a week despite working […]
  13. Joel McHale to Host Spin-Off Series ‘The Soup Investigates’E! announced today that they’re spinning off The Soup. The network is developing a new series, entitled The Soup Investigates, which will also […]
  14. in development
    The Soup Might Be Getting a SpinoffE! is also developing a drama based on The Prince and the Pauper.
  15. lochte it down
    Watch Ryan Lochte Struggle With Basic QuestionsAnd reduce interviewers to hysterical laughter.
  16. Ken Marino’s Web Series ‘Burning Love’ Is Coming to TV The Yahoo! web series Burning Love is being edited into a TV show that will begin airing on the E! network next month, Entertainment Weekly […]
  17. in development
    E! Developing a Scripted Art Gallery ShowIt’s no Gallery Girls.
  18. celebreality
    Nicki Minaj Might Get an E! Reality ShowKeeping Up with the Minajians?
  19. Will Ferrell Knows What to Do with Chicks Man, he really gives it to those chicks. (Though you can tell he doesn’t feel comfortable eating the chicken nugget.) Those chicks probably […]
  20. Kevin Hart Subbed for Chelsea Handler; Still Hates DolphinsKevin Hart is currently killing it. He’s one of the biggest stand-ups working, he’s getting tons of movie roles, and last night he was asked to […]
  21. Marc Maron Was on ‘Chelsea Lately’, Which Is A Funny Place for Marc Maron […] Marc is a great comedian but you don’t really think of him as the type of comedian who sasses it up with Chelsea Handler. Yet, look at him go! […]
  22. Whitney Cummings Finally Gets a TV Show2 Broke Girls has already been renewed, since it’s the biggest new comedy of the year and all, and Whitney seems very likely to get renewed but […]
  23. Community Cast Continues Tirelessly Being Awesome on The Soup The Community cast visited Joel McHale during The Soup (skip to about 0:45 for them to show up if you don’t care about the fate of Mr. Cotton […]
  24. Does E!’s New Reality Show About Modeling Stand a Chance?ANTM is the only show that’s ever stood a chance in this genre, and the premiere of Scouted probably won’t change that.
  25. Trade Roundup: ¡Rob!, Chelsea Handler- Rob Schneider’s midseason sitcom has been given an inverted exclamation point and a start date. ¡Rob! will premiere on January 12. Lord help […]
  26. model tracker
    Bar Refaeli to Mentor Models on E! Reality Show, ‘Scouted’To what extent remains unclear.
  27. exclusive
    E! Will Air Scouted, a Reality Show About ModelingThe Kardashians are not involved
  28. america's princess
    E! Planning Four-Hour Kardashian Wedding SpectacularNaturally.
  29. keeping up with the kardashians
    The Kardashians Make Writer Daphne Merkin Feel GoodWhich is actually no small feat.
  30. real housewives
    E! Making Reality Show About ‘Rock Stars’ Wives’Married to Rock’ a.k.a. The Real Housewives of Rock.
  31. pickup lines
    Lara Flynn Boyle Gets a Reality-TV ShowE! orders a pilot about the actress’s life.
  32. terrorists winning
    Upsetting Plastic-Surgery Show Coming!Brides compete for plastic surgery; it’s called ‘Bridalplasty.’
  33. the industry
    Comedy Central Wants More Sarah Silverman and Demetri MartinPlus: Joan Rivers returns home!
  34. golden goddesses
    Joan Rivers Is Returning to E! to Judge Red-Carpet Outfits!!!Happy holidays, everyone!!!!!
  35. seacrest
    Ryan Seacrest to Take From the Unfamous, Give to the Slightly More UnfamousOn E!’s upcoming Seacrest-produced ‘Bank of Hollywood,’ a “celebrity panel” will dole out “their own money” to regular cash-strapped people.
  36. the industry
    Colin Farrell and Ed Harris to Pull Off a Great EscapePlus: These ‘Candy Girls’ would make New Edition blush.
  37. in other news
    Ho, No: Ashley Alexandra Dupré May Get Reality Show?Eliot Spitzer’s pross could soon be coming into your living room nightly.
  38. the industry
    Robert De Niro Thinking About Doing Some Acting for a ChangePlus: A hip-hop ‘Emma’ is coming to the screen, Leslie Mann escapes the Apatow Comedy-Industrial Complex, and ‘Brigadoon’ is headed to Broadway.
  39. gossipmonger
    Courtney Love Is Merely EccentricThe Wire’s Dominic West celebrated the finale of the show at a party with a bunch of strippers. Warren Buffett dined at Michael’s. Courtney Love claims she’s “eccentric,” not “bipolar,” on her MySpace blog. A “Page Six” “insider” claims that Lindsay Lohan’s new crop of friends are “leeches … trying to drag Lindsay down and use her for her fame.” Meanwhile, Dina Lohan is excited about her new reality show on E!, which will probably debut around Memorial Day.
  40. the industry
    Hey, Hey, We’re the Lohans!Plus: The Libertines musical is a go!
  41. party lines
    Even Reality-TV Star Robert Verdi Thinks Reality TV Is Bad for YouWe ran into Robert Verdi, the former Style Network host and ubiquitous E! talking head, at the Louis Vuitton/Richard Prince event at the Guggenheim last night. So, we said, his business must be booming, what with the writers’ strike and all. “It’s a terrible thing,” Verdi said, solemnly. But! “It’s really good for people who are in reality, because it’s exacerbating our already tragic careers.” Unlike Daily Intel, whose life will be left cold and empty after the season finale of Gossip Girl this very evening, Verdi isn’t really feeling the loss of any specific programs. “I actually don’t watch television,” he confided. “I haven’t had it for two years. When I did a renovation, I got rid of the television, and I never bought new ones.” It was hard living without Oprah at first, he said. But it was ultimately for the best. “This is tragic, but I got to feel lonely, and I’m single so it was a lot of white noise and it keeps you company. I recognize the value of TV for people, but I wanted to avoid the feelings, so getting rid of it was great for me.” So what does he do now, if he’s not slumped in front of makeover shows like the rest of us? “I read more!” he said brightly. “Or, I count my money and try on my jewelry.” — Fiona Byrne