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Early And Awkard

  1. How Trump Outmaneuvered the GOP — AgainIn promising not to run as a third-party candidate, the Donald gave a little and got a lot.
  2. Ted Cruz Apologizes for Mocking Joe Biden ‘During His Time of Grief’He forgot to cut the Biden jab from his stump speech.
  3. Joe Biden Says He Doesn’t Have a Savings AccountA 2016 preview for Hillary Clinton.
  4. Charlie Rangel Wins Last-Minute Endorsement From Governor CuomoCoincidentally, a new poll has him up by 13 points.
  5. Sheldon Adelson Is Unhappy With Chris Christie AgainThe governor isn’t making a favorable impression on the Israel-obsessed megadonor.
  6. The Bill de Blasio–Chirlane McCray Quote QuizBoth the mayor and the first lady gave speeches today. Who said what?
  7. Super Bowl Forces Bill de Blasio to Hang Out With Chris ChristieAllowing the New Jersey governor to pretend he still has friends.
  8. The Narcissistic Drama of Chris Christie’s ApologyIn this case, politics really was theater, in which plot exists only to test the protagonist’s character.
  9. Man Live-Tweets NSA Chief’s Private ConversationYou would think Hayden would be more careful. 
  10. Bill de Blasio Admits He’s a Huge Boston Red Sox FanScandal.
  11. Manhattan Madam Can’t Abide a Spitzer-Comptrolled New YorkKristin Davis threatens to leave town if we elect Spitzer.
  12. Saxby Chambliss Ruined Bipartisanship With a Hole in OneAll Obama did was watch.
  13. Councilman Dan Halloran Can’t Handle Endless Scandals and PoliticsHe’s not running for reelection.
  14. Toomey Refused to Appear With SchumerSmart move?
  15. Paul Ryan Is Still Trying to Repeal ObamacareWell, that’s not going to happen,” says Chris Wallace.
  16. early and awkard
    Scott Brown Can’t Decide If He Wants His Old Job BackHe may want to follow in Mitt Romney’s footsteps.
  17. Anti-Gay Pastor Louie Giglio Out at Obama InaugurationThat was quick.
  18. The Last Thing Joe Lhota Wants Is to Talk About Running for MayorBut that’s all the press wants to hear.
  19. David Petraeus Resigns As CIA Director Over Extramarital Affair [Updated]Wow.
  20. Can We Get Some More Imaginative Campaign Rumors Please?Outsourcing and Jeremiah Wright? Really?
  21. Tommy Thompson Says His Son Didn’t Really Make That Birther JokeHe was just repeating something from the audience, okay?
  22. Barack Obama Doesn’t Hate YouFormer adviser Neera Tanden would like to clarify her comments to this magazine.
  23. Combative Paul Ryan Interview Has Nothing on the Twitter Fight It SpawnedA misleading headline led to an adolescent squabble.
  24. Romney Gets Key Friday Night Lights BackingBoth candidates quote it, but the author swings right.
  25. The Ten Best Names on Ann Romney’s Birthday Fund-raiser InviteGeorgette, Celeste, Hope, Ginny, and Icy will all be on hand.
  26. Mitt Romney Will Feel Your Pain… starting twelve months from now.
  27. ‘Progressive’ Mitt Romney Supported Abortion, Gay Rights Openly in 2002The Internet has the documents to prove it.
  28. NewtGingrich.com Redirects to the Candidate’s Most Embarrassing MomentsSomeone is playing an Internet prank.
  29. Obama Celebrates End of Iraq War, Campaigns at Fort BraggNorth Carolina could be crucial to the president’s reelection hopes.
  30. early and awkward
    Mitch Daniels’s Weird Marriage History Is the Only Thing Stopping Him From Running for PresidentHis wife left him, remarried, and then returned.
  31. In Which Senator Chuck Schumer Gets Snubbed by SnookiThis has to be a low point in his career.