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Early And Awkward

  1. Trump Admits He Thought Being President ‘Would Be Easier’He’s not enjoying the Trump administration either.
  2. Trump Referred to Several Different North Korean Leaders As ‘This Gentleman’He may have forgotten Kim Jong-un’s name, but he is aware of his murderous history.
  3. Mike Pompeo Is Anti-WikiLeaks, Now That He’s CIA DirectorWhile he once promoted hacked DNC emails, now he thinks WikiLeaks is “a non-state hostile intelligence service” abetted by the likes of Russia.
  4. Tillerson Asks Diplomats Why Americans Should Care About UkraineThe offhand remark stirred confusion, since the secretary recently said Russian sanctions would remain in place.
  5. President Trump Held a Signature-Free Signing CeremonyTrump’s reality presidency could use some more dress rehearsals.
  6. George W. Bush Doesn’t Like the ‘Racism’ and ‘Name-Calling’ in Trump’s AmericaA spokesman said he was talking about the “decline of the political discourse,” not President Trump. 
  7. early and awkward
    Gabby Giffords Tells Lawmakers Who Won’t Hold Town Halls to ‘Have Some Courage’Representative Louie Gohmert cited Giffords’s shooting when explaining why he won’t meet constituents for a public forum.
  8. Gabby Giffords Tells Lawmakers Who Won’t Hold Town Halls to ‘Have Some Courage’Representative Louie Gohmert cited Giffords’s shooting when explaining why he won’t meet constituents for a public forum.
  9. Timing of Trump Immigration Memos Undermines Cabinet Members’ Visit to MexicoThey were released just as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly headed south.
  10. Republicans Wish Trump Would Stop Defending ‘Killer’ Putin“We’ve got a lot of killers,” Trump said. “What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?”
  11. Trump May Have Facts Wrong in Tweet Knocking Intelligence OfficialsThe president-elect suggested they need more time to make their case on Russian election meddling, but officials say they didn’t delay their meeting.
  12. Bill O’Reilly Laments Left’s Desire to Take Power From ‘White Establishment’He claims they want to get rid of the Electoral College because they believe “white working-class voters must be marginalized.”
  13. Trump’s Call to Pakistan’s PM Would Be Funny, If It Weren’t for All the NukesPakistan claims that he told Nawaz Sharif “you are a terrific guy,” and offered to make a visit.
  14. Congressman Who Unendorsed Trump Over ‘Abhorrent’ Video Will Vote for Him AnywayChaffetz is preparing to launch endless Clinton investigations, doesn’t have time to fight Trump supporters.
  15. If Trump Said He Liked Rape, Texas Congressman Would ‘Consider’ Unendorsing HimBlake Farenthold has apologized.
  16. Trump Encourages His Supporters to Go Vote on November 28Finally, a message that even Hillary Clinton supporters can get behind.
  17. Gary Johnson Can’t Name Single World Leader in Self-Described ‘Aleppo Moment’Smart idea: Cover by reminding everyone of your last terrible gaffe.
  18. Why Mike Pence Wouldn’t Call David Duke ‘Deplorable’The VP candidate had two options: Go easy on the notorious white supremacist or prove Clinton right.
  19. Latinos for Trump Founder Warns of ‘Taco Trucks on Every Corner’ Under ClintonAmerica, brace yourself for a tasty dystopia.
  20. Rubio Goes on Twitter Rant About Washington PostThey just make it up.”
  21. President Obama on Donald Trump: ‘Ignorance Is Not a Virtue’In a commencement speech, Obama dragged Trump without saying his name even once.
  22. twitter fights
    The Best Insult Donald Trump Can Come Up With for Elizabeth Warren Is ‘Goofy’WEAK.
  23. Trump Selects White Supremacist As Cali DelegateWhat’s more, it might be too late to remove him from the delegate list.
  24. early and awkward
    Donald Trump Is Less Popular With American Voters Than Literal Head LiceAccording to a new national poll.
  25. Donald Trump Is Less Popular With American Voters Than Literal Head LiceAccording to a new national poll.
  26. Ted Cruz Drops Out of GOP Race, Promptly Elbows Wife in the HeadNot once, but twice.
  27. In Apt Metaphor for GOP Race, Trump Supporters in Indiana Shout Down Ted CruzThe confrontation did not go well.
  28. Trump Says the Only Thing Clinton Has Going Is the ‘Woman’s Card’Whatever that is.
  29. The Cruz-Kasich Deal Is Already Falling ApartTrump’s opponents can’t even collude properly. Sad!
  30. 360,000 Californians Register for Wrong PartyA right-wing party with a misleading name tripped them up.
  31. Everyone Ignored Ted Cruz at New York City’s GOP Gala. Sad!As a certain GOP front-runner would say.
  32. Yet Again, Clinton Refused to Release Her Wall Street Speech TranscriptsAnd things got awkward.
  33. Scott Walker Bewildered by Trump Naming Him As Potential VPHe “can’t even fathom” appearing on a ticket with Trump.
  34. Ben Carson Says Trump ‘Has Some Major Defects’There is a humility issue there that could perhaps use some polishing.”
  35. Poll Says Most Republicans Feel Embarrassed by This Year’s Presidential CampaignAnd most expect Donald Trump to be the nominee.
  36. Bill Clinton ‘Awful Legacy’ Line Not About ObamaYou’ll never guess who he was really attacking.
  37. Carson Is Fine With Trump Calling Him a MolesterCarson takes a dangerous ride on the Straight Talk Express.
  38. Carson Admits He’s Not the Biggest Trump FanHe wishes there were some other option, but how bad could the Trump administration be?
  39. Heckler Thinks Marco Rubio Stole His GirlfriendLittle Marco’s got game.
  40. Romney Sort of Endorses Rubio, Florida Newspaper Goes With ‘None of the Above’These days, even good news for Rubio is kind of sad.
  41. Gilmore v. Pataki, 2016’s Least Important BattleAnd, yes, Jim Gilmore is still running for president.
  42. Martin O’Malley Offers Cure for a Broken HeartBut he’s still not sure which Democratic candidate smells the best.
  43. Democratic Campaign Staffers ‘Surprised’ No One Watched Saturday Night DebateWho knew people would rather go out than watch a political debate?
  44. Republicans Scramble to Find Anyone (Qualified) Who Wants to Be House SpeakerThe House leadership election has unsurprisingly been postponed.
  45. Chris Christie Was Bored by Parts of Debate Without Chris ChristieThat 32 minutes was the most boring 32 minutes of the debate.”
  46. Next Debate: More Fiorina, Less Unknown GuySomebody failed to qualify for the “kids’ table” debate.
  47. Meet the White House’s New Press Secretary in Training: SiriSorry, I’m not sure what you want me to change.” 
  48. Donald Trump Insults Carly Fiorina’s LooksMeanwhile, Trump was the subject of jabs from Ben Carson and a Mexican TV network.
  49. Romney Is Horrified by Trump — and That’s Restarting ‘Mitt 2016’ TalkMitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run,” says a senior member of his 2012 team.
  50. U.S. May Celebrate Chinese State Visit With SanctionsOver economic espionage by Chinese hackers.
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