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  1. 2018 midterms
    First Early Voting Numbers Are Big. But It’s Not Clear What They Mean Yet.We could see historic levels of early voting, and of midterm voting–but it’s still not clear which party will benefit.
  2. 2018 midterms
    The 2018 Midterms Have Already BegunElection Day has already begun in large areas of the nation, and voting by mail could stretch out Election Night as well.
  3. For Dems, Close Counts in Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, & AZ-08’s Special ElectionIn Arizona’s heavily Republican Eighth District, an upset like Pennsylvania’s is unlikely, but a close race could be a good sign for Democrats.
  4. Texas Primary Roundup: Democratic Turnout Shows Progress, But No RevolutionMany contests won’t be resolved until a May runoff, but some upsets enlivened 2018’s first statewide election.
  5. Early Voting Among Texas Democrats Is Off the ChartsIt’s a sign of superior enthusiasm, not any guarantee of success in November, but it confirms Democrats have a wind at their backs.
  6. How the Indiana GOP Skewed Early Voting Opportunities to Benefit ThemselvesRepublicans block early voting opportunities in areas favoring Democrats, while expanding them on their own turf.
  7. Georgia’s Extra-Special Election Enters the Final StretchIn a race that’s too close to call, both parties are seeing a potential harbinger for what will happen in the 2018 midterms.
  8. Jon Ossoff Pulls Ahead in Polling As the GOP Tries to Link Him to Kathy GriffinThe nation’s most expensive House race just keeps getting pricier.
  9. 6 Takeaways From Montana’s Special ElectionMontana’s special election has many lessons, but it’s unclear if it tells us a lot about the remaining contests of 2017, much less the 2018 midterms.
  10. 2016 election
    Chance the Rapper Led a Parade to the PollsSomebody, start sketching out the storyboard for Chance the Rapper’s Voting Day Parade immediately.
  11. Do the Early-Voting Patterns in Florida Mean Clinton Will Win?The record number of early votes cast show a very close race. But high Latino turnout could ultimately be the deciding factor.
  12. 7 Big Questions on the Final Day of This CampaignClinton is still favored in the polls, Trump has a tough path to victory in the states, but there’s enough uncertainty to keep us awake on November 8.
  13. Latino Turnout Is Surging in Early Voting Across Battleground StatesAnd the spike appears to be fueled by low-propensity voters, whom pollsters weren’t counting on. For Trump, that could mean doom.
  14. If Early Latino Voters Win Nevada For Clinton, Trump’s Path to Win Gets NarrowHillary Clinton has a big lead in early voting in the battleground state.
  15. Latino Turnout Surges in Early VotingAnd it could help Hillary Clinton outperform her polling in a few key swing states.
  16. Black Turnout Is Down in Early Voting. Does That Mean the Trumpocalypse Is Nigh?Democrats’ nightmare looks like this: Upscale Republicans come home for Trump, while black voters just stay home. The latter may be happening.
  17. Clinton Getting Early Votes From Shy Voters — That’s Good News for HerHer campaign is targeting people who might otherwise not vote at all, which makes them valuable indeed.
  18. What the Early-Voting Numbers Are Telling UsDemocrats are doing well in early voting in Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina, and not so well in Iowa and Ohio — but there’s plenty of time left.
  19. Democrats Take Early Lead in Early VotingCompared to 2012, Democrats seem to be improving their performance in early votes cast by mail or in person.
  20. The Battle to Turn Out Early Voters Has Begun. One Candidate Has a Plan.In the chess game of voter targeting and mobilization, Clinton has strategic flexibility, but will Trump will benefit from state GOP efforts?
  21. Thanks to Early Voting, Election Day Essentially Begins This FridayRoughly a third of votes will likely be cast before November 8, and that percentage is even higher in some battleground states.
  22. Early Voting Limits Time for Trump ComebackThe Clinton campaign has a sophisticated approach to “banking” early votes. The Trump campaign seems to just be winging it.
  23. Early Voting Under Way in Post-N.H. StatesEarly voting is already under way in some of the upcoming primary states, so organization is at a premium.
  24. Early Voting Lines in Florida and Ohio Were Super Long Same with Illinois and Maryland.
  25. Promising Signs for Obama in the Earliest of Early VotesBut, it’s early.
  26. Democrats Find Another Way to Look at the Glass Quarter-FullToday’s theory: early voters!
  27. Look Out! Possible Obama LandslidePundits and pollsters keep wondering if the race is tightening. What’s actually happening is that the prospects for a Democratic landslide are growing.
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