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  1. Funnies
    Put Together ‘The Ultimate Foodie Earthquake Kit’From Humphry Slocombe’s bacon peanut brittle to 4505 Meats’ Chicharrones, a few non-perishables you might want for your ‘go bag.’
  2. haiti
    Magnitude 6.0 Aftershock Hits HaitiMeanwhile, American troops are gaining control of the situation in Port-au-Prince.
  3. haiti
    Anderson Cooper: ‘There’s Just Stupid Death Happening Here Now’“People will die tonight, in the next hour, who do not need to die.”
  4. earthquakes
    Local NBC Reporter Catches Aerial Footage of Port-au-Prince WreckageThe footage shows the devastated city from a new angle.
  5. sad things
    U.S. Troops Arrive in Haiti Amid Leadership VacuumStill, chaos reigns.
  6. sad things
    Aid Ready, But Not Always Able, to Reach HaitiRelief organizations are having trouble getting access to the devastated country.
  7. sad things
    Do Pat Robertson’s Good Deeds Outweigh His Seemingly Hateful Words?That’s what Joe Scarborough argues, after the Christian TV minister claimed that Haiti earned its troubles when it made a deal with the devil.
  8. sad things
    Earthquake Update: World Rushes to Haiti’s AidMeanwhile, United Nations workers and peacekeepers are among those dead or missing.
  9. earthquake!
    Massive Earthquake Hits HaitiThis country seriously can’t catch a break.
  10. Cleanup
    Eureka Restaurants Survive Earthquake With Minor DamageSaturday’s quake caused most of Eureka’s restaurants to close for the night, but mostly because of the power outage.
  11. earthquake!
    Another Earthquake Hits Indonesia, Death Toll Climbs Above 500Just as hospitals and airports were reopening after yesterday’s disaster, another struck.
  12. earthquake!
    Samoan Tsunami Claims Dozens of Lives89 are reported dead, with more expected to be reported.
  13. earthquake!
    Magnitude 7.9 Earthquake in SamoaTsunami warnings are being issued across the Western and Southern Pacific.