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‘Eastbound & Down’ Is Getting a Fourth Season?

This is a pretty odd turn of events. Eastbound & Down was given a fourth season from HBO, even though the show seemingly had its series finale in April. Not only that but Danny McBride has always been vocal about the fact that the show was [...]

By Jesse David Fox

Jason Sudeikis on Eastbound & Down and Athletic Egos

Does Jason Sudeikis actually make the layup in the opening credits of SNL? Did he throw baseballs with his non-dominant hand throughout the entire taping of Eastbound & Down? Does he compare doing a guest arc on a TV show to replacing a member [...]

By Hallie Cantor

The Full Eastbound & Down Trailer Has Boogie Boarded to Your Screen

The full Eastbound & Down trailer might very well rock your nuts off. Look how spiky Jason Sudeikis' hair is, and how many transportation devices Kenny Powers rides! Boogie board, jet ski, motor scooter, bumper cars, some kind of boat or ferry. [...]

By Hallie Cantor

Kenny Powers Returns to HBO, as Ridiculous as Ever

Kenny Powers is back, proudly donning the uniform of the Myrtle Beach Mermen. Also, it seems he has taken up boogie boarding (though still managing to fit in time to give terrible, terrible motivational speeches to children). Eastbound & Down [...]

By Hallie Cantor