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  1. trump tweets
    Trump: U.S. Protects the Middle East — Also, Kills Millions of Its PeopleTwo days after saying the U.S. killed millions of Iraqis, Trump warns “the Middle East” that it “would not be safe” without America’s protection.
  2. economy
    As Chinese Learn to Cope With Trump’s Trade War, Americans Are Still Set to LoseTrump’s belligerent, zero-sum trade policies will ultimately hurt American consumers and are already driving other countries to work around us.
  3. 2018 elections
    Voters Hate Trump More Than They Like This EconomyTrump’s approval rating is falling, even as wages and consumer confidence rise. That suggests the economy won’t save Republicans in November.
  4. jobs report
    Jobs Report: Wages Are Rising, and Fewer Americans Are Stuck in Part-time JobsInflation is still trimming nominal pay gains. But overall, American workers are doing better than they have in a long time.
  5. trade deficit
    As Trump Doles Out Tariffs, the U.S. Trade Deficit SoarsThe trade deficit rose 10 percent in July, putting the U.S. on pace for its widest annual gap in a decade.
  6. trade wars
    Trump Vows to Pull U.S. Out of WTO If ‘They Don’t Shape Up’Meanwhile, the president is reportedly planning to impose tariffs on another $200 billion worth of Chinese goods next week.
  7. economy
    Despite Talks With China, Trump Is in No Rush to Call Off His Trade WarChina is eager to make a deal, but the administration wants to tighten the screws with more tariffs first.
  8. pay gap
    CEOs Are Now 312 Times More Valuable to Society Than Ordinary AmericansThe CEO-Worker pay gap grew in 2017, as America’s bosses increased their value to society (as determined by the infallible market) by 18 percent.
  9. the national interest
    Why Does Trump Get More Credit Than Obama for the Same Economy?Trump’s greatest political asset is an economy doing no better than the one he inherited. Why does he benefit when Democrats didn’t?
  10. American Capitalism Can No Longer Afford to Let Workers Retire in DignityWhile political elites warn that Social Security will “bankrupt the country,” the bankruptcy rate among America’s elderly is soaring.
  11. Campaign on Taxes or Culture War? GOP, Trump Divided on Midterm MessageRepublicans are vulnerable in different kinds of districts, some where Trump’s rhetoric is attractive and others where it’s toxic.
  12. Trump Predicts 9 Percent Growth, Budget Surplus by End of PresidencyThe president just set extremely realistic expectations for himself in an interview with Sean Hannity.
  13. Why Economic Growth Might Be Weaker Than It LooksAmerica’s GDP grew by 4 percent last quarter. But that figure is inflated by trade-war distortions and short-term spending.
  14. New Study Confirms That American Workers Are Getting Ripped OffU.S. workers get a smaller share of growth, less job security, and fewer unemployment benefits than laborers in nearly every other developed country.
  15. Dow Tumbles As Trump Escalates Trade War With ChinaThe president has now threatened to impose tariffs on $450 billion worth of Chinese goods — and China has promised to respond in kind.
  16. Most Americans’ Wages Have Actually Declined Over the Past YearRising inflation has consumed the working class’s modest wage gains, leaving most Americans’ real incomes 0.1 percent lower than they were a year ago.
  17. global economy
    How Will We Know When the Trade War Starts?The response of our allies shows that Trump has taken the U.S. into unknown territory — and the health of the global economy is on the line.
  18. The Polls Are Swinging to the Democrats AgainThe 2018 Democratic wave: Now you see it, now you don’t, now you see it again.
  19. Dow Drops Nearly 400 Points, Amid Rising Global Political InstabilityWith a constitutional crisis looming in Italy — and trade war brewing between the U.S. and China — traders fled risk Tuesday.
  20. Unemployment Falls to Lowest Level Since 2000 — But Wage Growth Remains TepidThe new jobs report depicts a resolutely good economy — but still not a great one.
  21. Oil Falls After Trump Scolds OPEC For Raising PricesThis may be the first time that the president has prioritized the interests of the American public over those of the fossil fuel industry.
  22. Investor Fears of Democratic Win Could Aid Democratic WinSeems that the S&P averages have often declined just prior to midterm elections.
  23. Why Are Trump’s Approval Ratings on the Rise?He’s more popular now than he was in December — even if that’s not saying much.
  24. Trump Hits China With $50 Billion in Tariffs“This is the first of many,” Trump said as he signed the order. “This is number one — but this is the first of many.”
  25. Trump Is Already Trying to Scale Back His Trade War Into an Extortion RacketThe president says he’s “flexible” on steel tariffs — and countries are welcome to “negotiate” for an exemption.
  26. Americans Haven’t Been This Poor and Indebted in DecadesA higher percentage of Americans have more debt than savings than at any time since 1962.
  27. Corporate PR Stunts Won’t Save the Working ClassShared prosperity doesn’t come from the strategic generosity of bosses high on tax cuts, but from the power of organized labor.
  28. Trump’s Talent for Remaining Unpopular Amid Economic Growth Is Truly ImpressiveLast month, the unemployment rate hit a 16-year low — and the president’s approval rating fell to 39 percent.
  29. How Harvey and Irma Will Impact Our EconomyThe storms are humanitarian disasters — but (probably) not economic ones.
  30. Will the Economy Save Trump and His Party?So much of this presidency is a mess that the idea of him or the GOP making a comeback seems far-fetched. But then there’s the economy.
  31. The Trump Economy Is a Gilded MediocrityFive reasons why the American economy is far weaker than mainstream commentary suggests.
  32. The U.S. Economy Doesn’t Care Who’s PresidentIn June, there were an impressive 222,000 new jobs created. How much does Trump’s agenda have to do with it?
  33. The Trump Budget’s Approach to Welfare Is Based on Discredited DelusionsIf Trump cared about increasing productivity and growth — rather than redistributing wealth upward — he would increase social spending, not cut it.
  34. American Economic Growth Has Slowed to a CrawlFirst-quarter growth hits a three-year low — but there’s reason to think the slowdown will prove temporary.
  35. The Markets’ ‘Trump Bump’ May Be OverStocks saw their steepest drop since Trump’s election, as investors fret about the president’s legislative prowess.
  36. Trump’s Immigration Policies Have Already Taken a Toll on the U.S. EconomyThe American tourism industry is still reeling from Trump’s travel ban.
  37. Trump’s Economic Strategy Is Looking More and More Like a Right-wing Governor’sLowering business costs in exchange for jobs — and quality of life.
  38. Upbeat Jobs Report Is Another Sign Trump Is Wrong About the EconomyThe last bit of economic data voters will receive is modestly positive, with unemployment down and wages up.
  39. GDP Report Undermines Trump Claim That U.S. Economy ‘Dying’It’s quite lively, in fact — growing at 2.9 percent.
  40. Will the Next President Have to Deal With a Recession?It will all be fun and games in the White House until the economy goes south.
  41. Deporting All Undocumented Immigrants Would Cost America Trillions of DollarsWhich is the opposite of making America rich again.
  42. All Quiet on the Economic Front, Which Is Good News for ClintonWith a positive but ho-hum August jobs report, the odds of some election-disrupting economic news occurring before Election Day are low.
  43. Good News on a Bad Day: Jobs Rebound in JuneAfter a jitter-inducing slump in net new jobs in May, June showed what may be a corrective, with the best gains since last autumn.
  44. What to Expect When You’re Expecting Brexit A guide to the fallout from Britain’s historic decision to begin divorce proceedings with the European Union.
  45. Clinton: Trump Can’t Be Trusted With EconomyClinton delivers a “major speech” on why the bankruptcy-loving real-estate heir can’t be trusted with the economy.
  46. The World Economy Is Stagnating Like It’s 1937Economists at Morgan Stanley warn that policymakers are repeating the mistakes of the late-’30s, when a tightening of fiscal and monetary policy produced a double-dip recession.
  47. early and often
    Obama Bashes Trump’s Economic Policy in IndianaDon’t fall for a bunch of okey-doke just because you know it sounds funny or the tweets are provocative.”
  48. Wage Growth Hits Postrecession High; Income Gap Shrinks by a Full SmidgenThe median U.S. worker has seen his or her paycheck grow 3.4 percent over the past 12 months, marking a new record for the recovery, the Atlanta Fed reports.
  49. U.S. Economy Starts Off 2016 on Wrong, Slow FootThe economy expanded at its slowest pace in two years, as business investment plummeted. But there’s reason to think things will get better before they get worse.
  50. The Rivalry Between Saudi Arabia and Iran Will Keep Your Energy Bill LowAn OPEC deal to freeze production just melted away, and now oil prices are diving.
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