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Education Reform

  1. the national interest
    Reformers, Unions Hate Each Other But Both Love Kamala Harris’s Teacher Pay PlanAn education plan that hits the sweet spot.
  2. the national interest
    What Happens When Elizabeth Warren Sells Out to Powerful Interests?A great presidential candidate has an Achilles’ heel.
  3. These Urban Experiments Prove Charles Murray Is Wrong About Race ScienceThe achievement gap between black and white children can be closed with the right environment.
  4. Obama’s Education Legacy Has Been Forgotten. Now He Has to Save It.The least-known reform of the Obama era is at risk.
  5. Charters Didn’t Cause Segregation. They’re a Solution for its Victims.Don’t wait for residential segregation to disappear before helping urban students.
  6. Charter Schools Are Losing the Narrative But Winning the DataThe New York Times concludes that America’s worst charter system is … actually not that bad.
  7. Here’s How to Tell That Trump’s Budget Doesn’t Care at All About Poor PeopleForget what Trump does to programs liberals think help poor people. Look at what he does to programs Trump thinks help poor people.
  8. Will Trump Give Education Reform the Kiss of Death?Run away, Eva Moskowitz.
  9. Esquire Writer Doesn’t Understand Charter Schools, Is Sure They’re Up to No GoodPoor kids can take pride in the sacrifice they have made for the cause of sticking it to The Man.
  10. the national interest
    Education Reform Works in Massachusetts. Will Voters Care?It’s one of the most important tests of social justice and economic mobility of any election in America this fall.
  11. Teachers Still Haven’t Forgiven Michelle RheeAnybody want to know the education bogeywoman actually helped students?
  12. Obama Wants to Give Poor Schools More Money. Guess Who’s Blocking Him.Republicans and teachers unions, working together.
  13. Education Reform Is Not That Popular, But It’s Still WorkingAn important study in Washington, D.C., public schools.
  14. the national interest
    How New Orleans Proved Urban-Education Reform Can WorkA decade after Katrina, a breakthrough triumph of social policy.
  15. Will Hillary Clinton Continue Education Reform?It’s the biggest mystery of her platform, and she isn’t saying.
  16. How Campbell Brown Became a Hate FigureThoughts on a great profile.
  17. Why Do Teacher Unions Hate Eva Moskowitz?There may be an obvious reason we’re overlooking.
  18. Ravitch: Campbell Brown Too Pretty to Be SmartAn edifying turn in the education-reform debate.
  19. Times Story on Charter Schools Insanely HostileAn exposé of a deviously successful plot to help poor children learn.
  20. SAT Returning to Classic 1600-Point Format in Second-Ever RedesignNo more essays, but lots of Twitter jokes.
  21. Public Education’s Weird Ideological DivideHow did Diane Ravitch’s reactionary nostalgia become “liberal,” again?
  22. Teachers Cheating on Tests: Not a Big DealPeople cheat at stuff sometimes when they’re trying to get ahead. The solution isn’t to not encourage them to get ahead.
  23. the national interest
    You Get the Teachers You Pay For Pay teachers badly and you’ll get a lot of bad teachers.
  24. Michelle Rhee: Fine, Investigate Sketchy Test Results From My TenureSee if she cares.
  25. Obama Shifts Gears to Education ReformObama will share his policy wish list with lawmakers on Monday.