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Masters of the Universe Ask: To MBA or Not to MBA?

Yesterday's Times had a story about how some young bankers, like Gabriel Hammond, the 28-year-old founder of Alerian Capital Management, are forgoing the traditional b-school route in favor of gathering gold bricks at a private-equity firm or hedge fund. After all, 'tis always better to make money than spend it on a degree that, if you're making enough for your employer, won't necessarily matter.


NYU to Go Arabian

NYU is set to open up a full-fledged campus in Abu Dhabi, reports today's Times. Negotiations over creating the school, which will be funded by the Abu Dhabi government, have stretched over a year. "We were extremely concerned that this be completely and fully an American N.Y.U. operation," said one senior faculty member, "with the same values that apply here, and no discrimination on the basis of national origin, race, sex or religion." We're guessing the net real affect on undergrads enrolled there will be minimal — falafel in Abu Dhabi can't taste that different from Mamoun's. N.Y.U. Plans a Branch in Abu Dhabi, Officials Say [NYT]


Standpipe Cut

• As Robert Morgenthau's office starts a criminal investigation of the Deutsche Bank blaze that killed two firefighters, it turns out that the faulty standpipe had been deliberately cut — and recently. [NYP]