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Edward Liddy

  1. When He Was Running AIG, Edward Liddy Could Not Get Through an Airport Without Being Approached by CommonersNo wonder he quit so fast.
  2. AIG’s New CEO Fired SnoopyYES. THIS is the kind of guy we need running that taco stand.
  3. Departing CEO Edward Liddy Recommends AIG Hire Someone Who’s Going to Stick AroundSomeone who cares.
  4. Edward Liddy To Step Down at AIGAnd we think we know why.
  5. Congress, Liddy Spar Over Details of AIG Restructuring PlanCongress, for the good of the American public, wants details — but AIG, for the good of the American public, doesn’t want to give them.
  6. Edward Liddy Presents ‘Project Destiny’Edward Liddy’s new restructuring plan will melt Barney Frank’s face off.
  7. Oh, Did AIG Say They Paid $120 Million in Bonuses? They Actually Meant $454 MillionTheir bad!
  8. AIG Executive Who Penned Dramatic Exit Letter Still Working ThereThat’s awkward.
  9. AIG Puts Building on the BlockBut it may not do them much good.
  10. Edward Liddy Understands Your AngerThe AIG CEO attempts to explain himself in a calm, rational manner. But will it stem New Yorkers’ anger?
  11. Andrew Cuomo Stokes the Flames With AIG Bonus DetailsThe Bonus Buster dumped the amounts of individual bonuses into an already-steaming cauldron of rage.
  12. AIG Has Been Losing $465,421 Per MinuteLet’s put that in perspective.